The Perks Of Having Mom Friends

Shoutout to all my friends that have dealt with all my rants through pregnancy, through childbirth and through motherhood. At this point there’s no such thing as TMI anymore because you guys have listened to me spill the beans about everything under the sun. I mean EVERYTHING! I don’t know what I’d do without being able to tell y’all the specifics.

Man, we be having some good conversations when I’m on the toilet or hiding in the closet away from my kids (I know I’m not the only one who hides from their kids). I have to or they will mom me to death.

If you don’t currently have mom friends. I suggest you get you some. Get you some mom friends that get it and understand. I got mine organically from friends of friends but now days there’s support groups everywhere where you can find some pretty decent mom friends.

I hear there’s even apps where you can meet other moms, or try introducing yourself to other moms when you take your kids to the park, your kid’s classmate birthday parties or you can always join my Facebook group Boss Mommy Club. Either way don’t be afraid put yourself out there. I promise you motherhood is more fun with mom friends.

Last year, my daughter’s besties mom and I became friends and been rocking every since. Now she’s one of my closest friends and to think I was avoiding meeting her in the beginning because I hate awkward introductions. For months, our kids tried getting us to meet so they could have play dates but I never made a effort because I really didn’t like the idea of my daughter going over anyone’s house at that time.

Then, one day we met and I really liked her and her vibe. We were both pregnant and with boys so we had that in common. We both worked and had families. Both of our men travel a lot for business and we do a lot of raising our kids by ourselves. We’re both basically single moms until our men come home, which can be challenging and lonely sometimes. To find someone going through something similar and could relate was awesome.

We talked and just clicked. Like instant best friends. Now we are really good friends. We help pick up and drop off our kids to different activities. We’ve traveled out the state to cheer competitions with each other and I trust her with my child because she treats her like family. We’ve even got our men together and now they are friends making it a family affair.

We take turns giving each other kid free days but we also go to church together with our families and occasionally will have our mom nights out. All in all, we work together to raise our kids and she’s been really valuable in helping me grow as a person because she’s just a motivated as me to get this schmoney and take care of our families.

We can talk about any and everything-love, marriage, kids, family, life, and work. We’re on the same page for just about everything. We share all our resources. Don’t you just hate when people won’t let you in on how they are managing like helping another sister out will dim their sparkle because it won’t. We both want to see each other win.

It takes a village to raise a child and I’ve filled mine up with mom friends. I can go on and on, about how important mom friends are and why you need them because I know I wouldn’t be able to survive without mine.

As a mom having mom friends that take time out of their busy schedule to show up for you and support you through all your mommy problems is such a blessing. Us moms have to stick together.

There are so many perks to having mom friends.

My mom friends have offered me great advice, tips and useful parenting experience. They have been inspiring when I was overwhelmed and exhausted by motherhood. Also, there’s nothing better than being able to learn, laugh, and grow alongside them through traveling, crafts, and kid activities.

I pray you find mom friends that become your framily like I have because when they do they help motherhood seem a little easier. There are plenty of different types of moms and when you find one that is down to earth and fits your lifestyle it’s pretty cool. You shouldn’t feel alone on this journey and mom friends can help you enjoy the ride.

Over the years I’ve experienced lots of different types of mom friends. Some good and some bad but I learned a little something from all of them. Whether we shared stories, recipes, laughs, accomplishments, or tears some of my best memories were made with my mom friends.

Having a mom tribe is one of the best decisions I made. I think once you have kids there’s only so much you and your friends without kids can talk about or do together when you don’t have a sitter. I’m not saying you’ll loose all your friends who aren’t parents but you might not be as close when your lives are going in different directions just because you can’t come and go as freely as someone without kids.

The supportive and encouraging mom. They understand because they are struggling to balance the demands of life and motherhood too. They come with hugs, warm cooked meals, positive vibes, a bottle of whine and a listening ear because they’ve been in your shoes before. They can relate and know exactly how to give mom-to-mom support since they have needed those things as well at one point or another.

The mom guru. Depending on what stage of parenting your mom friend is at they can give great advice or have great useful tips on how to deal with your child as they reach each milestone. Which can also be helpful in knowing if your child is developing at a good speed or not, or what to expect once they reach certain age.

If you think having a baby is hard wait until your child reaches puberty and you have to give the “sex talk”. I’m not even ready! Or when they’re college bound and your worrying if you gave your kids all the tools they’ll need to build a life better than the one you gave them. Your going to want someone whose been there and done that to show you the ropes.

The fun crafty mom. They don’t mind doing kid friendly activities. If your mom friend and you have kids that are close in age and actually get along that makes play dates just as enjoyable for you as it does for your child. No one wants to hear their kids arguing when you finally get some adult interaction that you’ve been desperately needing. That way it’s a win/win situation for all parties. I find that I’m actually more prone to do kid activities longer if I have a mom friend to gossip with. Then, when it’s time to leave we both synchronize leaving at the same time that way one kid isn’t jealous that the other one still gets to play.

Budgetnista mom. They are on a strict budget or like to stick to a budget. Everyone knows raising kids can get very pricey especially if you wanna keep them active and entertained. There’s nothing better than a mom friend that coupons or likes finding affordable things to do, or free stuff that y’all can do with the kids like movies in the park during the summer nights.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the little ones to have fun you just need to have a good imagination and an open mind. Typically all the stuff us parents worry about kids could care less about so you really don’t have to spend and arm and a leg unless you just want to and got it like that.

Otherwise, two or more mommanistas planning a kids event or outing should not only be creative and fun but only cost a little or nothing SCORE! Whoever says I wish I spent more anyways?

The party pooper mom. They never need an excuse to not go to something. They are always tired and their family is their top priority. They are not showing up to anything you host and it’s not personal. As a mom you know that kids give you universal sympathy. You can blame anything on your kids and another mom won’t ask you a million questions. For example, if my kids are sick- I’m not going. If my kids are bad -I’m not going. If I’m not in the mood-I’m not going.

Don’t make any mom feel guilty for not going. She’s got her hands full. Always cordially invite her to stuff but don’t get mad if she doesn’t RSVP. At the end of the day take her for who she is. She’s not a socialite. Maybe she just likes her Netflix and naps at home. Some moms are so sensitive and take other moms not showing up to things as offensive. That needs to stop.

Dr. mom. They will let you know if something is normal or not. After I had my c-section I wanted to see all my friends scars so I could have something to compare it to. Just to make sure the doctors didn’t butcher me. So of course my friends didn’t need any convincing. They were like step right up, take a look. To see their scars eased my mind. They assured me I would heal eventually but it would take time. I just had to be patient.

The not scared of anything mom. They are not afraid of tantrums or tears and they don’t get embarrassed when you have to discipline your child for having a meltdown in public. Sometimes when they see you livid that will just give you that look like you are doing exactly what your suppose to do don’t worry about everyone starring.

Also, when you have poor reaction time they jump in and save the day. Nothing surprises them or scared them. They roll with the punches After all, they are not scared of anything.

The open minded mom. Mom friends don’t criticize your parenting style. They don’t tell you how to parent but will offer funny accounts of the tantrums their kids have thrown and try and make you feel better. They are non judgements and if they ever become drop them like a bad habit.

There is no competition with you and an open minded momma. She gets that you are doing what’s best for you and your child even if she doesn’t agree. These moms are the best type of friends to have because they support you for you and never shame you or force their ideas on you.

The Funny mom. She has sarcastic mom humor. They know your not going to kill your kid no matter how angry you are. Sometimes you just want your kids to think you might so they can give a dam about your feelings.

I grew up in the era where it wasn’t uncommon to get your ass beat with a belt. Talk about learning your lesson. Now my 14 year old acts as if he’s a slave if he has to lift a finger around the house. These kids these days are so spoiled. Talking doesn’t always work sometimes you gotta scream and pretend your going to break their phone to get them to act right.

I’m so the funny mom who loves her little assholes but doesn’t want a cps case when I’m practicing tough love. I need friends around me that aren’t afraid to parent their kids because I’m not. My methods may be unconventional but laughter is my way of trying not loose my mind stressed about my bad ass kids. All kids is bad so this is not up for debate. And when I say bad that includes annoying too.

The super mom. She meets you at the middle. Say your forget wipes. 9 times out of 10 they probably have them and have no problem sharing. They never leave the house without snacks or water. Don’t nobody got time for long lines when your out in public with kids with little or no attention spans.

They are over prepared and thank goodness because when your a hot mess you need a mom friend who has your back.

The mom shamer. She thinks she’s better than you at everything. In her dreams her kid is a genius and it’s all because of her organic baby phone and the breastmilk.

The always late mom. Who else is going to understand stand why your always late because you keep going over the list in your head of shit you can’t leave the house without. Not to mention each kid adds at least 30 minutes to every thing.

Someone always loosing something, forgets something, is wearing the wrong outfit, or gets distracted and next thing you know your plans of getting out the house on time is ruined.

My keys are usually the biggest issue I have. I can never find them. I usually walk in the house with so much stuff and they just land in different places every time. The worst is when they were lost in my sons car seat for 30 minutes. I accidentally dropped them in there when I buckled him in and searched inside the house for 30 minutes before realizing. Smh.

The big hearted mom. They give you the best hand me downs. If you don’t listen to any thing I say at least listen to this…kids don’t need half the stuff we buy them. Spending so much money on clothes for babies is ridiculous but we do it anyway. I get it and I’ve done it but I except all hand me downs from friends who I know take great care of their stuff. I mix the old with the new and my kids can’t tell the difference.

The over protective mom. She’s scared to let her kid be a kid. She watches them like a hawk and doesn’t let her child explore and do childlike things. She tends to always think the worst possible thing might occur and she’s prepared if it does.

Her kids are usually annoyed by her but she doesn’t care she plans on babying her child until they are married with their own kids. My advice for befriending these types of moms is know your limits. Don’t punish your child for her overthinking.

Don’t let her issues affect you and your child. Everyone parents different and just because she’s a scary mommy doesn’t mean you don’t love your child just as much as she loves hers.

The gossiping mom. They have side conversations with their kids when they are talking on the phone with you too. So it’s not awkward if you are carrying on two conversations at once. My favorite low maintenance mom friends are the ones where if the call drops nobody calls back and nobody’s feelings are hurt.

It’s so hard having a decent convo around kids anyways because for some reason the minute you answer the phone everybody in your house needs your attention. Everything is urgent and nothing can wait smh.

The beautiful hot mess mom. They totally don’t care if you hair is a hot mess, your house is a hot mess or your car is a hot mess. After all once you have kids your life is a hot mess. Your nice clothes get stained from the trenches of parenthood. Your once every two week nail appointments get stretched out longer and and longer.

Your lucky if all your nails haven’t broke off after 3 weeks. There’s a constant battle between your kids looking presentable or you and it never seems to work out in your favor. That’s why they’ve adopted the attitude of your lucky I even showed up.

The don’t sugarcoat shit mom. My favorite kind of bad ass mom. The reason is because real friends keep it real with each other even if the truth hurts. This momma is honest and someone you can trust. When they are concerned they are going to bring it to your attention. There’s nothing worst than a hater that will let you fail. She won’t let you fail she will encourage and and uplift you but also let you know how you need to fix your crown.

You just need to know it’s coming from a good place. This momma wants you to be the best mother you can be for your children. She wishes you well and she’s not going to let you give up on yourself. She might be my favorite type of mom.

The haute momma. She’s always overdressed and somehow manages to get her sexy back after having kids. She firmly believes if you got it flaunt it. She might dress a little inappropriate at times but she’s a good person.

The outside appearance is not a reason to friend or unfriendly anyone. Never judge a book by its cover and never look down on anyone for not having the same fashion sense as you. Some people don’t know they dress tacky and they absolutely love it. At the end of the day confidence is sexy.

What type of mom friend are you? Or are you a mixture of a few?

There are no wrong answers.







5 Tips For Work-Life Balance

Do you ever feel like your struggling with work-life balance? You don’t have to be. I have 5 tips to help you balance your personal and work life. If your a working mom like me, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for your mental health and physical health. It helps prevent stress and burn out so you can connect with what matters the most to you, your family.

As a working mom, I have big goals and aspirations. I guess you can say I am one of those passion driven moms who can’t sit still and some days it’s rough trying to have a full time job, raise kids, have a social life, work out and manage to get enough sleep.

I understand when you are your own boss or in leadership the lines often blur. I know first hand how you can get wrapped up in starting your business that it takes over your life. It becomes all you can think about or want to talk about because your excited. And how when your trying to rise in the corporate world you are determined to raise the bar and get noticed and sometimes that means outworking your coworkers. Then that pressure you put on yourself starts to pour into your real life.

I hope that you use my tips and are able to achieve work-life balance!

1. Leave work at work. As soon as you clock out don’t think or talk about work. I know people who’ve been so consumed by work they’ve even had dreams about work. I can’t stress to you how that is not ok. That’s not healthy. You need to be able to turn on work mode and turn it off too. You need to separate the two so that you can enjoy real life. All work and no play will suck the life out of you.

2. Vent up. Don’t vent out. I know sometimes things build up and when ish finally hits the fan you can’t help but unload and get it ALL off your chest. I get it. You definitely want to vent about work but please do not vent to your coworkers. I’m not saying you can’t develop genuine relationships with your coworkers but you still should think twice about anything you say about anything or anyone because you never know when it can be used against you. That’s why I just pray about whatever work situation that’s bothering my spirit and give it to God. I learned the consequences of oversharing the hard way but with experience come expertise.

4. Unplug. Turn off or silence your technology for an allotted time. Unplugging regularly allows you disconnect from work, recover and recharge from the stress demands we face daily. Research shows that when you stay busy running around doing this or that so much, you don’t leave time for you to reflect and evaluate. This is crucial to success. Unplugging allows you to take a break and clear your mind so that you can perform better in your business, life and various tasks. It also improves your focus.

3. Get a hobby or engage in activities that you enjoy. Whether it’s a creative outlet or just something other than work to look forward to, having a hobby that’s fun can be good for you. If you have a full plate or busy schedule you need a hobby more than the average person. You need to fill your downtime with things that make you forget about the stresses and worries of the day. If you find something your passionate doing and can have fun with it; that’s a winning combination.

5. Make your family a priority. Plan a vacation or family outing. After all, the reason why your working so hard is so that you can provide your children with an upbringing you hope will produce incredible adults. Use the PTO and don’t feel guilty.

“Never get so busy making a living you forget to live your life.”

Trying not to complain is the ultimate daily goal for me since I’ve come to terms that this is the life I chose. Although, at times I feel like I’ve stretched myself thin, juggling motherhood and work. It is a labor of love that is rewarding, but I’m not going to lie to you it can be exhausting. You just have to find a balance.

What do you do to prevent work-life exhaustion?






Why It’s Important To Master Letting Go

The one thing that you can’t get back is time. Once you mature and realize that life is to short to be miserable and unhappy, letting go becomes a way of life. All you have to do is stop making bullshit excuses to hold on to shit that’s weighing you down. You ever wonder why you see everyone around you getting blessed but not you? It’s often times because your blocking your own blessings by not letting go.

Many of us were not taught to let go. Yet, letting go is liberating. For some reason men tend to be scared to let down women and women just don’t like to be alone. You have to let go of relationships that are not for you, in order, to live a healthier life. Let go of all toxic people (family members included), jobs that hold you back, your own fear and the idea that you should expect anything from anyone other than God.

If you want anything in life go and get it for yourself. Your a mom you have kids to feed. You do not have time to entertain anything that takes your focus off your children unless it’s about a dollar to feed your children. Drama should be nonexistent in your life. We want to break generational strongholds. We want to leave legacies our children’s children can be proud of. Let’s make today the day we decide to stop toxic behavior so we can grow our businesses. Instead of leaving our kids debt, clothes and shoes let’s challenge ourselves to leave them businesses and property.

Be in control of your life

Letting go means you are brave enough to let something or someone walk out of your life. I want you to master letting go when something no longer suits you. Energy is everything. Bad vibes say something. They say that they don’t belong. Instead of holding on tightly to things that don’t belong because you feel obligated, they are family or you’ve invested a lot of time already understand that although it hurts the best thing sometimes is to let go.

You got this!

Acknowledge and accept that you tried your best and move on. I know it’s frustrating when you try really hard to obtain something and you were waiting for that euphoric that would have came if you got it but listen, instead of trying let go. You don’t want to taint your future. Focus happiness, joy, and satisfaction. Things that can actually be attained. When you do so you’ll experience more of that.

We all know tomorrow isn’t promised. One thing that is for certain is at the end of the day you die once, but you go to sleep everyday hoping to live the next day. Each morning you wake up is a gift. Matter of fact, one of the most precious gifts is life. What do you want to do with the days on this earth you have left? Focus on today. Learn from what you can not change and dive in to the things that empower you to be the you that your working on.

I know I don’t want to be one of those people who ended up settling. Who gave everything I had and didn’t get anything reciprocated back. Do more of the things you love, forgive and move on. In moving on you allow yourself time to heal. Heal for yourself, your children and the next generation. You have to chose not to subject yourself to people or things that don’t care about you, don’t respect you, are only one sided, hurt you, and abuse you.

It’s time to clear your baggage

I know letting go of what your familiar with is hard and change is uncomfortable but you better thug it out because on the other side of fear is your peace and joy. And isn’t that something you deserve? Don’t you know you could be living your best life but it requires a breakthrough. It’s about making positive choices and developing positive relationships. You know something or someone is good for you because they feed your soul and you feel good after spending time with them.

Focus inward

So ask yourself can your grow with this person? If you feel like you’ve reached a crossroad and you can’t grow anymore then you have to go on without them. Some people are only in your life for a season. Not everyone is meant to go with you your whole journey.

When your focused on the good, the good gets better. Let go of any and everything that doesn’t help you move forward with your goals. If you have to question anyone’s sincerity, let them go. Loyalty is a action. If you don’t like how a certain someone treats you and makes you feel, let them go. Your happiness should be your number one priority.

If the presence of someone exhausts you more than they excite you, let them go. Not everyone deserves to be let in to your universe. If your job makes you feel unfulfilled, let it go. You are to driven, creative and valuable to not be fulfilling your purpose. If you keep making the same mistakes and wondering why you still stagnant, let go of those old habits. Breaking old habits is the hardest thing to do but you will never change until it’s done.

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

Let’s make 2020 the best year ever

I’m working on two things right now the inside of my heart and the inside of my pockets. Ya feel me?? We all have 2 months to end this year and this decade on a good note. Let go or get dragged? You decided. Misery loves company. Refuse to be anyone’s plus one.









Baby Teeth Matter

I work in the dental field as a dental assistant and I’m always surprised how many parents don’t realize how important it is to take care of your child’s baby teeth. Teeth in general are just as important as your other body parts. You want to take daily care of them just as you would your your liver or your heart.

Baby teeth also know as primary teeth matter and they can become rotten just like adult teeth if you don’t take care of them. In fact, a small cavity in a baby tooth is more likely to spread faster because the tooth is smaller and the enamel is thinner.

Cavities in baby teeth.

Don’t neglect baby teeth

So often I see moms want their kids to have perfect white teeth, but yet they aren’t to much concerned with their kids oral health or willing to assist their child in brushing and flossing their teeth-especially if they get some resistance. They seem to be under the impression that because they are baby teeth and they’ll get a second set of teeth(permanent teeth), their child’s baby teeth aren’t as important. In fact, baby teeth are very important and poor oral hygiene can cause your child to suffer in the future if they get tooth decay.

Baby’s can’t communicate what they are experiencing in terms of pain. So look for symptoms such as fussiness, crying, swelling, or lack of appetite due to chewing causing more pain. Those are typical indications that something in their mouth may be bothering them. White spots and noticeable black holes are also a symptoms of cavities. Even if your unsure take your child to the dentist immediately.

What is a cavity?

Cavities are made by germs in your mouth. When you eat or drink, the bacteria creates acid that breaks down the hard outer layer of your tooth, called enamel. It begins to create hole in your tooth that forms tooth decay. You can get it on any tooth and can be prevented with good oral health.

I hate to scare you but cavities can kill you if you wait to long to get them treated. They can infect other parts of the body. If a cavity gets to the pulp of your tooth it may infect the nerve of your tooth and an abscess can form. It’s like a sac filled pimple that appears on your gums. Abscesses can become very serious if not treated right away.

Baby Teeth matter

What most people don’t know is that if you loose baby teeth early due to advanced decay it will affect the alignment of your adult teeth. Causing them to be crooked or crowded. Also, let me add that when kids get a lot of cavities and need lots of dental treatment it can be traumatic.

Realistically, most kids will get cavities in their lifetime but the goal is to prevent them from getting cavities because getting cooperation in the dental chair because of their young age is difficult. Some dental offices, in order, to give patients a more comfortable experience offer Nitrous Oxide. It’s commonly known as laughing gas and is used during dental treatment to aid in relaxing/calming a patient.

Kids under 5 are less likely to cooperate for dental treatment

As dental providers attempt to treat your child’s cavities it’s important that they get some level of cooperation and no movement because the instruments they use are sharp and the material they use can be dangerous if swallowed. Safety is number one priority in the dental chair. Some offices will tie and strap your kid down using a papoose. It’s not ideal but it gets the job done.

There’s also another option called oral conscious sedation, if your kid is healthy and a good candidate. It’s where kids drink a medicated concoction that relaxes them and usually gets kids comfortable to be more cooperative while getting dental treatment done. In some cases it helps and in others it doesn’t. It just depends on the child.

If none of the above work. Then, general anesthesia is recommended. I see so many young children under 5 having to get put to sleep for dental treatment all because they have rampant decay from neglect or baby bottle decay. It lets me know there is a problem at hand and parents need to be more educated so the gap between parents, doctors and children is closed. It takes a team effort to pass down the importance of oral health to children, which is a big reason why I felt it was important to write this blog post. To give you moms with no dental background a little incite.

Tips for a healthy smile

Now, imagine if your child didn’t even need to sit in the dental chair for anything other than a cleaning every 6 months instead of fillings. You wouldn’t have to worry about toothaches, swelling, abscesses, fillings or baby root canals and all the crying that comes with it from kids who don’t understand what’s going on and are scared.

I can’t help but blame parents. Part of the problem with cavities can be caused due to genetics, but most often it’s because of the parents. Kids don’t have money. They are not the ones buying soda and candy, it’s their parents. If they don’t buy it how would they get ahold of it? Exactly. They only have access to it because it’s allowed in the home. And it’s a parents responsibility to not buy it at all. To teach their children the importance of oral hygiene and limit sugary beverages, carbohydrates and constant grazing.

More parents need to take accountability and stop buying junk food, and be more responsible in making sure their kids are brushing and flossing daily. Yes, baby teeth eventually fall out but while they are in the mouth it is important to take care of them for practice and brush all of them…not some of them or even your favorite’s but ALL of them! You can’t reverse tooth decay but you can do your part in preventing them.

How can you prevent cavities?

As soon as baby teeth appear brush them right away. It’s important to get in the habit of cleaning your baby’s teeth every day because good oral health contributes to a healthy smile, teeth and gums. Cavities are no fun, in fact they are painful. Here’s some information to help you better understand how if you don’t take care of your child’s baby teeth how your child will not only suffer but by them also getting cavities your risking affecting their developing adult teeth.

Cavities cause problems eating, talking, sleeping and even learning in school. This past week was Halloween and your kids probably got bags full of candy. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying candy as long as you make sure you brush and floss right after consuming to prevent getting cavities and avoid pain or sickness.

Rule of thumb is kids should only eat candy on special occasions; holidays, birthdays and celebrations. Kids should not eat candy everyday. To much of anything isn’t good for anybody even if it’s considered healthy.

What you need to know about oral health:

Until your child can tie his own shoe you should be helping your child brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss at least one time day, preferably before bedtime. It’s recommended that kids start going to the dentist as soon as their teeth start coming in or by age 1 and then going at least twice a year moving forward.

For baby’s you can use a soft wash cloth to wipe their gums after each feeding. Once your child moves up to solid foods avoid sugary or sticky foods because they are more likely to cause cavities. It also important to limit between meal time snacking, as well as sugary drinks to only mealtime because you usually brush your teeth right after each meal.

Just think every time your child drinks juice, milk or eats a snack they are basically coating their teeth with sugar because everything essentially breaks down into sugar. Encourage them to drink water as much as possible (fluoridated water is the best) so they aren’t constantly soaking their teeth in sugar which will lead to getting cavities.

A healthy diet that limits sugary beverages and snacks is good for overall well-being as well as healthy teeth. Avoid giving your kids snacks like soda, chips, cookies, crackers and candy. All of these can increase your child’s risk of tooth decay and cavities.

As soon you start to see teeth begin brushing their teeth with a age appropriate toothbrush and fluoride tooth paste. All you need is a pea sized amount of toothpaste anything more than that is way to much. Make sure when brushing you’re brushing all the sides of their teeth (there are 4 surfaces of a tooth-the front, the back, the chewing surface and the sides), even their tongue because that’s how you prevent cavities.

The toothbrush has easy access to three sides of your teeth but the bristles are to big to get in the in between and remove plaque. That’s why it’s extremely important that once you see your kids teeth touching you begin to use floss. Not removing plaque and bacteria from teeth within 24 hours puts teeth at risk for getting cavities.

Going to visit a dentist will teach your how to brush and floss your child’s teeth properly. Plus, it is a California law now that requires kindergartners to have a dental check-up.

How are cavities treated?

Depending on how deep the decay in your tooth is and how wide it is depends on what will be done to treat it. Cavities require some type of filling. Two most common materials used to fill cavities are Amalgam (metal fillings that are silver-colored) and composite (white fillings which are tooth colored.)

Your dentist will let you know which type is best for their particular tooth. Each tooth is unique and may require one over the other but your doctor should let you know why. Once a material is chosen the dentist will fill the hole with it to restore and protect the tooth from getting more damage.

Good dental health starts with baby teeth for more information about taking care of your mouth and teeth, visit The ADA’s website just for patients.






Before You Have Kids 15 Things You Should Know

To the females that don’t have kids yet. This post is for you. There’s so much to expect when your expecting. There’s so much to learn if your a new mom if you haven’t taken a child development class. People will warn you about all the crying, the sleepless nights and how expensive kids are but in real life the first year is all about survival. You have to be realistic and throw away all your expectations and do what works for your family.

Back in the day, I remember talking to my mom about parenting classes and she laughed at me for considering it. She told me she never took a class and that if I needed to take a class or read a book I didn’t need to be having kids in the first place so I didn’t take any parenting classes. I just waited for my natural instincts to kick in and they did but I wish that I would have gotten more vital information before I had kids. Then maybe I wouldn’t have had to learn so much from trial and error.

If your reading this I hope this gives you better understanding of what exactly motherhood entails.

1. The days are long but the years are short. Cherish your child’s childhood because it goes so fast. Enjoy the baby stage because soon they’ll be crawling, walking and talking. Have patience. Let them be kids and make tons of memories for them to cherish.

2. Let your kids make messes sometimes. You have to remember that they are kids. They are still learning and figuring out the world around them. Don’t sweat the small stuff because you’ll spend so much time panicking that you rob yourself of the presence.

3. Lead by example. Don’t be a hypocrite. When you are a do as I say mom it confuses kids.

4. Read. Read.Read. Reading to your kid puts their brain to work. It has so many benefits from stimulating their imagination to expanding their understanding of the world around them.

4. Raise free thinkers. Sometimes being so strict is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes you need to bend the rules so that kids can learn to negotiate and compromise. They will learn rules and consequences from home and school but you want them to be open minded so they don’t become followers. You want them to be confident and assertive so they aren’t looking to other people for answers because they don’t trust their own decision making.

5. Research! There are so many opinions on everything so learn as much as you can about vaccines, circumcision, schooling, parenting style because somethings you can’t undo. If someone gives you unwanted advice you wont use don’t argue with them. Just smile and say thanks.

6. Don’t be afraid to question traditions, teachers, or doctors. This is your baby and your it’s advocate. Trust your gut even if it goes against majority. Love and protect your baby at ALL costs.

7. Parenting is a learning process. You’ll grow, you’ll change and that’s entirely okay.

8. Work with your baby not against it. No two baby’s are the same even if they both have your DNA. Pay attention to your child’s needs and try working with your baby and not against it. For example, if your child likes sleeping on their stomach let them sleep on their stomach if they sleep longer.

9. Post partum and sleep depervation will have you crying and acting irrational but eventually you’ll get past that stage.

10. Enjoy motherhood. It’s wonderful. People don’t say enough positive things about it but it truly is what you make it.

11. Kids get sick a lot whether you keep them secluded or breastfed them. Be prepared to spend a lot of time running to the ER. Also, take all fevers seriously, especially in infants.

11. Children’s oral health is important. Make sure your baby sees a dentist by year one just to get your baby used to being in the chair. In the process you will learn good oral health for yourself and your kids which will help you make better hygiene habits and healthier snack choices.

12. Don’t stay with a man for your kids. If a relationship is unhealthy and toxic staying for your kids 9 times out of 10 you’ll end up damaging your child. No one gets pregnant and wants to be a single mother but it isn’t the worst thing in the world. A single parent home is better than raising your kid in chaos. If you picked a father that isn’t helping with the responsibilities of parenthood use it as ammunition to go harder in life. Don’t every slack or give up. Your kids are watching.

13. Don’t spoil your kids. Make them work for everything. Kids these days are to entitled.

14. Once you make the decision to be a mom you have to understand no one will love and understand your kids like you do. Focus on the good in your child and always compliment them. Speak greatness into your child. Never focus on the negative.

15. Don’t forget to take time for yourself. As moms we automatically jump into our new role as mother and make our kids our number one priority. We still need me time for us to just be us.

Let’s face it motherhood isn’t easy, but it is a joy. Just remember as long as both you and your child are healthy and safe you are doing good. Nothing will go as planned but that’s okay, you live and you learn. I really want to get across that it’s not as bad as some as these moms make it or even as bad as I over exaggerate sometimes. Not everyday are you going to want to pull your hair out or need a drink whine.

Trust me your kids will melt your heart and be the driving force that pushes you to stand up over and over again when you fail. There’s no such thing as a perfect parent and you will fail sometimes. You’ll get something right and sometimes you’ll get things wrong but keep your head up. We all make mistakes.

I want to get rid of that old school mentality that you’ll figure it out when the baby comes nonsense. It is not always true. In some cases it is but not everyone will automatically have motherly instincts. If your struggling take a class or two. It won’t hurt you. Just find your balance so you can be the best mom you can be. Good luck!






The 10th Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

On Saturday, October 5th, 2919 I attended the 10th annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic. I absolutely enjoyed this dope event. I enjoyed a day of being a Boujee milf with my extra’d ass friends. We sipped Veuve Cliquot champagne, ate fancy cheeses and mingled with the most stylish guys and dolls at Will Rodgers State Historic Park.

Polo matches are typically a drag to me but the perfect backdrop on a gorgeous day filled with lots of champagne, fashion and fun. I played life size board games, met fabulous people, took lots of pictures while the deejay played all the jams.

If your like me and never attended an event of this nature you definitely want to be prepared and know what to expect. So I’ve created a little guide and I hope this helps if you’re planning to attend next year.

Ticket options

There are three ticket options; Early Access, General Admission, and Rose’ Garden. Tickets range from $90-$475. Please note all tickets are final sale.

The type of experience you want to have will determine what type of ticket you should buy. General admission is fun but go early because you won’t have a designated spot to sit. Included in your GA ticket is a free shuttle ride to and from event and a souvenir. This year they gave out Veuve Cliquot branded fans.

There are also great photo opts but the crowd is way to big for the space, yet great for people watching. Fun fact: Will Rogers was a polo connoisseur and this event takes place right outside his former home.

Most people who buy GA tickets bring blankets and picnic baskets with a nice little spread of snacks. The seating is first come, first serve and is not included but can be purchased at the champagne bars.

There are plenty of food trucks to make your life easier if you don’t feel like carrying a picnic basket but be prepared to spend a pretty penny. This event is not cheap and neither are the food prices.

Lastly, I heard of a VIP section for the celebs but this area is on a need to know basis. If your looking for a ticket you won’t find it. There is not a purchasable ticket for this area.

What to wear

If you’ve googled polo classic then you know that you better come to slay. You’ll be hanging out with a crowd of fashionistas. That dress in your closet that’s over the top, take it to the cleaners and get it pressed because it deserves a moment and the polo classic is the perfect opportunity to dress to the nines. You’ll see lots of high fashion, tailored suites and Kentucky derby inspired hats. Most people come to show off and they are busting out all their labels. If that’s your thing don’t hold back. Glam it up even if you’re a guy. Over dressing is basically the attire.

I don’t suggest heels if you want to be comfortable. It’s mostly grass at this event so thin heels are a hassle because you’ll get stuck a lot in the grass a lot. Alcohol, heels and Mother Nature don’t mix well but if your a diva or divo you’ll figure it out but don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

I wore heels the entire time but had flats for the way back (I’m so glad I brought them just in case.) Speaking of the way back, I highly suggest coming early and leaving early. Never leave at 5pm when the event is over or you’ll be stuck in the mayhem. Waiting for the shuttle to go back is ridiculously long. Luckily, I thugged my way to the front. I had to get back to my kids and was wore out from day drinking a ready to go home, so I had to do what I had to do.


Parking at UCLA near shuttle is $50 and real limited. They suggest getting dropped off but I found parking in the neighborhood and walked two blocks up. No biggie for me, it just depends on you. I saw a lot of people that went the party bus and Uber route. Just remember you will experience higher waits on the way back when waiting for a ride.

You are not allowed to drive up to the park and park. At the shuttle there are two lines. One for GA and one for VIP. Once on the shuttle it was about a 15 minute ride to the Will Rogers State Park.


Umbrellas (Super expensive)

Champagne cups

Champagne Sleeves

Packing List

Hat, blankets for picnic, snack food, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, large tote, comfy shoes, pre-packaged food, picnic basket, water bottles and don’t forget your tickets.

If you’ve been thinking about attending…GO! The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is an event held on an annual basis that you don’t want to miss. Even if your not into polo it’s an all day star studded event with world renowned polo players, beautiful decor, plus you get to pay homage to the culture while drinking lots of bubbly.






Breakfast Bitch Review

I hosted a mommy meetup at Breakfast Bitch last Saturday with around 6 of my girls. I’ve been wanting to try this new spot for a while and I’m glad I did. The food was delicious, the slogans on the wall were litty and the vibe was mad cool. They played good music, the lines were decent and the staff was super friendly and catered to all our needs.

Ryan I think was his name was “the man. ” He hella was a trooper because our big group put him to work and he was ripping and running and taking care of shit without an ounce of aggravation. His great customer service was impressive and greatly appreciated.

I had the New Yorker, the cheesy hash browns and the passion fruit mimosa (free with yelp check in). Everything tasted unbelievable good, even the nibbles I high jacked from my friends plates. I sampled the frenchy, the basic bitch pancakes, the avocado toast and the pineapple mimosa and they were all tasty too.

Let’s just say I’ll definitely be in my kitchen soon trying to duplicate that New Yorker because that shit right there was Lol. It was a steak on a croissant sandwich filled with lots of onions and bell peppers, which I can’t get enough of. It was also mega huge and filling. I love large portions because I’m a greedy bitch so if you just like me the size on this baby won’t disappoint you.

I’m pretty sure I took way to many photos but why not when there are so many dope selfie opportunities. Definitely took a few that were instagram worthy good lookin Breakfast Bitch y’all definitely know what time it is. We’re in the do it for the gram era and Breakfast Bitch definitely checks off everything on the list; good food, good drinks and great photo opportunities.

As we exited the building I looked at my homegirls and asked if we coming back bitches… and got a helllls yasss so we basically found a new brunch spot. 🙂






Should Kids Miss School For Travel?

This week on the internet I saw a post posing the question “Is travel a valid reason for kids to skip school?” and while reading through the comments I was surprised how many parents would not let their child miss a single day of school. I personally don’t have an issue with it unless they are falling behind academically.

I will allow my children to miss school for traveling, special family events and on a few occasions I’ve even let my kids have a day off for other reasons than being sick because I think kid need mental breaks too. The same way I need mental health days is exactly why I feel like kids need mental breaks too. I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash but if adults need them, then of course so do kids. Life is stressful for everyone no matter what age you are. We all process things differently and need a break not just when we’re sick but a legit break. One day is fine as long as it doesn’t become excessive.

Not all the time but sometimes if I have a day off and I don’t have any errands to run, there are times when I don’t make them go to school and we have a fun chill day together instead. I think it’s important that my kids and I have bonding days where they can just rest their little minds and enjoy our time together. I know some will say that’s what the weekends for but I’m mindful of them not to miss anything important at school so they will be okay.

My other reason is because on the weekends everywhere is more crowded and during the week not so much, so in the past I’ve pulled my kids out to go to amusement parks during the week to avoid the large crowds or save on airplane prices by leaving on a Wednesday or Thursday. I also every now and then like to give each one of my children individual time with me and while the other kids our in school is the perfect time for my schedule since I don’t always have weekend babysitters.

Traveling on the other hand is a privilege. To me it is definitely a reason to miss school but if you can accommodate your schedule for your kids to not miss any school time that’s awesome but if you can’t, don’t feel bad. Travel expands your children’s horizon. You don’t know what’s out there unless you explore. Let them babies travel and see the world. Education goes beyond the classroom. Some parents tend to forget that and leave teaching it up to teachers, but it’s also a parents job to educate their children first.

Life experience is vital. In the 4th grade, in California they teach the kids about Yosemite National Park. While some parents would have waited until there was a school break we decided that because the price was right and our kids are decent students that them missing a few days to experience Yosemite in person would be worth it. We notified their teachers in advance and got their school work for the days they would be missing and made sure we carved out a time for them to handle their business.

Now, if my kids were struggling in school maybe I’d feel different but because they are not it wasn’t a big deal to me to skip a few days of school. Education is important in my house and if I can I try to avoid them missing any days I will but sometimes it happens. It’s not the end of the world when they do so take that vacation, make memories and have some fun with your family.

To many absences can have a negative affect on your children so makes sure your kid isn’t walking around in $150 shoes and can’t write a sentence that’s grammatically correct. In that case, I’d invest my travel money in a tutor. As a parent it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of your child missing school to travel. If your child is at grade level with reading and writing, not failing any classes, and will not miss anything significant during those days they plan on missing I don’t see why not.

My advice would be to contact their teachers ahead of time, maybe ask them their thoughts on how your student is doing in their classes to make a good decision, then if they are not falling behind get their assignments ahead of time and delegate a time to complete all the assignments so that way they stay on top of their school work.

Two of my kids are still young, but now that my eldest has entered high school I’ll definitely limit the amount of days he misses to mainly sick days or family vacations because grades in high school ultimately affect if and what college he will get into. I want to set my son for success in school and in life so I absolutely want him to travel, but he has to do his part and get good grades to deserve it.

This December, my daughter’s cheer team will go to Florida for competition. I’ve been on her about her tough grades. If her grades are up to par she’ll get to go but if not she won’t get to go. She’s a student athlete and I would hate for her to miss out on this experience but I tell both my kids all the time they are students before they are athletes and if they want to continue enjoying their extra curricular activities they better have grades I approve of. Ultimately, I expect them to have good grades if I’m going to spend my money on them to have fun and we have an understanding that it can all be taken away if they let their grades slip so she has to decided how important is this trip to her. Kids need to know there are consequences for bad grades and I will not reward bad grades with the luxury of travel.

How do you feel about kids missing school for travel?






5 Ways To Help A New Mom

Who else is constantly seeing pregnancy or birth announcements all up and down their timeline? Just about everyday a new baby is born or on its way. I just want to say Yayyyy to ALL the moms to be! I’m so excited for all you mother-to-be’s (whether your a first time mom or veteran mom expanding your family), Congrats!

Not only does pregnancy bring tons of hormonal changes but let be honest shit is never the same once you become a mother. Adapting to your new normal is definitely a process. 80% of moms tend to feel overwhelmed and can use your help even if they don’t want to admit it. If your not pregnant but apart of the village and excited, here’s how you can make moms life a little easier after she’s had her baby. Here are some ways you can help out.

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Is Breastfeeding For You?

Liquid gold, momma’s milk whatever you choose to call breast milk is God’s gift to babies. It’s really all a baby needs- a whole meal all in one but is breastfeeding for you?

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Money Saving Secret

Paying with cash will help you save money and with the money you save you can invest back into yourself. Whether that’s to take a class to develop your craft more, purchase more tools to grow your business, meet a personal financial goal, or save for a vacation. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve financially when you plan with a purpose, execute and put your money in areas that will bring you abundance.

On a quest to save money to fund my dream wedding I learned about the cash envelope system. The key of the envelope system is to budget your money using envelopes for different categories of your household expenses. It forces you to accurately budget your expenses every month and stop overspending.

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Women Are Some Kind Of Magic: My Birth Story

I’m a huge birthday person. Like a huge birthday person. I love celebrating my birthday every year. In my head my birthday is a national holiday.

I dread getting older, but I love celebrating my birthday in some kind of grand way. It’s a Leo thing.

Last year, as my birthday was approaching I was getting ready to fuck it up per usual, while being big and of course pregnant. I had my heart set on a glitter theme party and I was going to show up looking like a big, sexy disco ball. It was gonna be a hot glitter mess of a good time.

I decided on a good food spot to eat because what does a pregnant lady absolutely enjoy other than food? Nothing. Then, I was going to make all my beautiful friends wear something shiny and sparkly so I could get a cute maternity photo shoot out of the deal.

I had the perfect dress and the perfect heels for the occasion and they are both still sitting in my closet waiting to be put to use because someone couldn’t wait to meet his mommy.

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How To Make Milksicles

Teething is a normal part of a baby’s development when their baby teeth are in the process of erupting. It typically occurs from 6-24 months of age and trust me you will know.

During this time your child will most likely experience discomfort due to tender and swollen gums, become irritable, go through tons of bibs from drooling, and try to bite on any and everything to relieve the pain. Oh and lots of crying.

Teething is a stressful time for you and your baby as you struggle to find ways to relieve their pain but thanks to one mom named Tasia Blackwell (same name gang 💁🏾‍♀️ so I like her already) who invented Milksicles there’s a solution to this challenge.

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I have the same 24 hours as anyone else and I maximize all of it or at least I try. When do I rest with 3 little ones you ask. Ha! What’s sleep when you have a newborn. If your a parent you definitely understand where I’m coming from. Even in mombie mode I’m taking care of business. Challenges arise all the time but guess what. I walk up to them confidently and say who gone stop me? Not you! And that my friends is how you take charge of your life. Be the boss of your life.

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