My life is cray cray. I don’t know what the hell was I thinking but just when things were starting to make sense I decided to have another baby. My youngest was 10 years old and I was literally 8 years away from freedom and I decided that I wasn’t fulfilled enough and started all over again or at least that’s my version  of the story,  and I’m sticking to it (because in actuality my third pregnancy was not planned).

My other two kids are so independent and mature, and to go from raising your kids up to where you barely have to parent them at all to having a little human being who needs you 24/7 is a serious adjustment. I’d be lying if I said it was the best decision of my life and it didn’t complicate things. The real is, shit just got real but I have no regrets. They say God doesn’t make any mistakes and I feel truly blessed now but my growing little family is by no means easy to balance. I may make being a mom of three look easy but trust me when I tell you mommin’ ain’t easy.

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