Day: May 8, 2019

Hustle With Purpose

Right now the west coast is in a serious state of mourning. On March, 31, 2019 the west coast lost Grammy nominated Nipsey Hussle to senseless gun violence. If you ask many of my peers they’d say our generation lost our present day Tupac.

The same way Tupac’s death affected not only the the rap culture but the world back in 1996, in loosing Nipsey Hussle (another young legend) we all felt that pain again. Even if you didn’t know him you at least had empathy about his untimely passing because he was legit a good dude who touched so many lives.

R.I.P Nayborhood Nip 🏁💙🏁

Nipsey’s celebration of life ceremony and 25 mile funeral procession was a testament of how much of a cultural influence he had.

Nipsey was a not just a young Black successful rapper but a leader, activist, family man, mentor, friend, father and entrepreneur who never forgot where he came from and always gave back. The fact that he came from nothing-it’s inspiring and let’s me know that you can have anything you want if you hustle and go get it.

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Postpartum Depression Is Real

While I was at home with a baby and my friends were enjoying there youth, not only was I was having really bad FOMO (fear of missing out) but I was struggling to balance work and motherhood. If it wasn’t for my mom friends I would have went through severe depression.

Having friends that have experienced similar issues makes what your going through much easier to talk about. Sometimes we share all the good and happy news but don’t like to talk about the ugly side of motherhood. The side that causes your hormones to rage in ways you never knew. I experienced extreme sadness, anxiety and self doubt after my third child and was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

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