So I know you’ve heard me talk about Boss Mommy Club and your still not sure what it is I am talking about. Let’s just say about a year ago I came up with this passion project-A working moms support group. I work and I love being a mommy too. I hadn’t really seen or found any like minded hardworking mommy’s like myself on my wavelength (focusing on self growth and achieving their goals).

So I thought to myself fuck it start your own shit. At the time I needed something like BMC in my life and figured I couldn’t be the only one and just like that Boss Mommy Club was born.

I’m obsessed with seeing women encourage, support & empower other women. I think that’s so dope.

January of 2017, I finally got up the courage to make a Facebook group and declared my group a place where dope ass moms would support and fellowship with each other. Sorta like a moms empowerment group minus all the fake shit.

Just real genuine love and support of each other as sisters, with no judgement. No drama mommas as I like to joke. A space for us to uplift, share information, post events, laugh, organize for charity, and even meetup every now and then.

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life. Let that sink in.

We’re mothers who aren’t settling because of motherhood and marriage. Anything we want we’re willing to hustle for it. When your out here on your grind it’s hard taking care of your family and working your butt off to be successful. We at BMC can relate.

As a mom I know firsthand how full are plates can be. We all have our hands full and sometimes we get discouraged. There are times when I need to be encouraged and inspired too.

So let’s empower each other and build each other up. Sometimes it’s that one post or conversation I have with another boss mommy that reassures me that I’m not alone and keeps me motivated to real life my dreams.

Happiness is the greatest level of success.

Being a boss mommy is a state of mind, a movement and a lifestyle. It’s about bossin up and surrounding yourself around other goal oriented and focused moms who are taking charge of their life.

There’s no difference between a stay at home Pinterest loving mom, a mom-entrepreneur, or working a 9-5 mom because at the end of the day someone calls you mom and you face so many obstacles making sure your kids are taken care of and can sleep peacefully every night.

Moms are the real MVP’s.

We moms are beautiful, courageous and strong queens!

Feel free to add your self to the group and don’t forget to accomplish your goals with yo cute self.