We wanted to make this Fourth of July special since we as a couple haven’t done anything to celebrate our engagement, so we decided on a vacation to Palm Springs. For our perfect little desert vacation we picked to stay at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa right in the heart of city.

I’ve stayed at the Omni in San Diego before and was sure it would meet our standards and live up to the company’s brand. The weeks leading up to our vacation I hardcore researched on yelp and stalked their Instagram to make sure we had the best trip possible. From all my research I knew The Omni would be the ultimate Palm Springs resort and spa experience and an amazing place to get away.

My excitement as the day came closer to our departure grew with each passing day. I stocked up on sunscreen, snacks and water toys. Packed my shades and journal so that I could get some work done after everyone went to sleep.

My bikini’s were delivered just in time. My hair was braided so I could swim like a mermaid. It was as if all the dots were connecting and everything fell in order. I was overdue for a change of scenery and the universe knew it.

I couldn’t have been more overjoyed to haul it to Palm Springs with the family plus a bonus kid.

Our time at The Omni Rancho Las Palmas was wonderful from the minute we arrived. The hotel was a splurge but absolutely beautiful and close to everything. It gave off a light and airy Spanish vibe. Super elegant and clean. All the great reviews I read were in fact true and the Omni superseded our expectations.

We were greeted with huge smiles along with delicious watermelon, ice cream and the best strawberry lemonade I’ve ever had to cool us down after a 2 hour car ride from San Diego. It was a sweet touch that impressed all of us and a really nice treat in 100 degree weather. It really made a girl feel like I could get use to being treated with great customer service like this more often.

At the pool you don’t have to go looking for any servers. They are always attentive and paying attention to their section to make sure your needs are met. They make you feel like a priority. Even with it being chaotic and crowded due to all the guests enjoying the holiday ordering anything was easy and fast.

I spent my mornings drinking coffee from Peet’s and walking along the many lakes disbursed around the property. It was so serene and not to loud for it to be kid friendly, unless you were by the kids pool. Other than that the atmosphere is calm which was delightful, especially for someone like me who was looking to change the upbeat tempo of my life and just relax and enjoy the luxurious vibe.

The breakfast buffet was full of scrumptious food. You name it they had it. Made to order omelettes and waffles, french toast, bacon, eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, and much more breakfast goodies. Everything was so good and fresh.

My greedy ass ate about 4 plates worth of food. Thats how good it was. I pigged out and don’t regret every calorie I ate because vacations are meant for you to eat what you want and wake up and do whatever you want. At this point, screw my summer body it’s to be continued. I’m not worried about it. I was in Palm Springs to live my best life not worry about a diet.

One night we ditched the kids and reconnected over whine around the fire pits. We discussed wedding plans and came to an agreement on our wedding budget which I’m sure I can convince him to go a little higher because we are not throwing a backyard barbecue but a party of a lifetime. You only get married once and I want the wedding I always envisioned.

During the day the kids had fun going down the slides, chilling in the lazy river and playing in the sandbox, at Splashtopia. The best part was the cannonball competition for all the little ones. That surely kept them entertained and out of my hair for a while so I could enjoy drinks by the pool and mingle with other parents.

In the evening, the kids loved playing at the pool table and on some nights they could watch a movie in the pool. I heard that even the Fourth of July fireworks show could be seen from the pool as well, but we opted to take a 5 minute ride over to The Civic Center and watch the fireworks there.

The best decision we made was to go to The Civic Center because we got to see them up close. I imagine that by the pool they saw them in the distance. We were closer. So close that I was sure the baby would be scared but to my surprise he absolutely loved it. The noise wasn’t to much for him.

I definitely would comeback to watch the fireworks there again so if you are ever in the Palm Springs area for the Fourth of July I recommend going the Civic Center route because the finale was pretty epic.

My entire family had so much fun Fourth of July weekend at The Omni Rancho Las Palmas and that’s rare because it’s hard to find kind friendly hotels that even us parents have fun at. Not to mention a hotel that makes your money go to a good cause because every time you stay with Omni your helping the fight against hunger. How amazing is that?!

Lots of people in America are hungry. Static’s say one and eight people have needs for food. Every year they donate millions of meals to the communities in which the Omni’s are located. 12 million meals so far to date.

It’s usually the everyday person who goes to the food banks that they donate to. The person whose lost their job, the person who is struggling and living paycheck to paycheck, the senior citizen on a fixed income, and the single mom. Say good night to hunger helps them. That makes every penny I spent this weekend worth it.

Giving back feels good.

What do you do to give back and why?

Where does your family go there unplug and bond together? I need to know because we are definitely planning to do this more often.