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Money Saving Secret

Paying with cash will help you save money and with the money you save you can invest back into yourself. Whether that’s to take a class to develop your craft more, purchase more tools to grow your business, meet a personal financial goal, or save for a vacation. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve financially when you plan with a purpose, execute and put your money in areas that will bring you abundance.

On a quest to save money to fund my dream wedding I learned about the cash envelope system. The key of the envelope system is to budget your money using envelopes for different categories of your household expenses. It forces you to accurately budget your expenses every month and stop overspending.

Physically handing over your money and paying with cash helps you save money.

I’m all about saving money especially now that I have a wedding coming up. You don’t realize how expensive weddings are until it’s time for you to plan your own. Getting engaged is the easy part. Now planning a wedding is hard work if your goal is to plan a debt free wedding.

I refuse to spend my happily ever after trying to get out of debt so I went online and purchased envelopes from Luxury Lifestyle. Their fancy envelopes were a perfect match for my personality. I live for an anything practical that’s also over the top and cute.

I’ve been successfully budgeting my money for years now but since I started using the cash envelope system it’s allowed me to save money and take control of my finances. I’ve used the money I’ve saved to get out of debt and plan my wedding my way.

Today, I’m going to show you how to use the cash envelopes so you can save too. Since the system is visual it helps you track your expenses and see exactly how much money you have left over within your income.

Stop using credit cards so frequently if your not paying off the balance and not building any reward points.

How the envelope system works:

1. Think of categories that you spend money in.

2. Figure out your budget amount for each category.

3. Create and fill envelopes with cash.

4. Spend only what you have put in each envelope.


What are the advantages of the envelope system?

You become more disciplined in how your spend your money.

What if an emergency happens?

Shift your budget

What if you spend all your money?

Once it’s gone it’s gone.

What if I pay my bills online?

That’s tricky. The system works better when you are using actual cash but you can still write what you’ve budgeted on the back of the envelope and don’t spend anymore money than that.

Congratulations are in order if you have any money left over in your envelopes at the end of the month. That means your came in under budget. Reward yourself because it will motivate you to keep going or even better roll the money over into one of your categories so that your budget for next month is bigger.

Keep being intentional about how your spending and the envelopes will help you manage your money, beat debt and help your reclaim your life. What money saving tips do your practice that work?







The 34 Flaunt

Happy birthday to me!

I thank God for blessing me to see 34.

I feel like my thirty’s have been good to me and every storm that I went through was good for me. It made me the confident resilient women you see today.

Let me explain… in the last 4 years I’ve grown so much.

I’ve learned to forgive myself, forgive others, lighten up, stop stressing, be kind, be supportive, stop shrinking myself down, stop comparing, stay in my lane and be happy with what I have while working to get what I want.

I was so hard on myself for so long for not being farther than what I thought I should be. I had to realize God’s timing is always the perfect timing.

At 33, I completed my family with baby #3, I launched, I got engaged and my two eldest promoted to middle school and high school.

I am happy, loved and fulfilled for the first time ever.

With that being said I knew I could pray and have all the faith in the world but I had to kick it up a notch and stop sitting on my potential. I was fearful that I’d fail, that I’d embarrass myself and that others may not connect with me when I first toyed with starting but I did it scared. I put myself out there and I just did it.

I still have so much work to put in but the response that I’ve gotten in the small amount of time since I’ve started let’s me know so many people can relate and are rooting for me the same way I’m rooting for all my queens out there.

There are so many unfulfilled moms out there and and I just want to help them find their way but showing them how I do it. Be on the look out for more posts on motherhood and eventually vlogs or a podcast.

I’m ready and open to collaborating and helping as many struggling moms as I can. I’m trying to get my brand out there so I can make money and give back to organizations that help single mother’s.

I feel like having a partner lessens the load of a mother’s work and single mother’s have the greatest need for help and encouragement because it’s hard doing everything by alone. It’s physically and mentally draining carrying the load by yourself. They are some of the strongest individuals to take on parenthood by themselves and persevere through all of life’s uncertainty and not give up.

If you know of any non profit organizations that teach self esteem, empowerment, finances or give single mother’s help with resources that can help them stay stable for their kids let me know. I’d love to work with them.

It took me so long to get back to me after having kids and if I can help anyone like me who went through depression, doubt and loosing their drive and passion after they’ve had babies my purpose has been fulfilled.

I want every woman to live their greatest, grandest vision of their lives because if you can believe it you can achieve it. You can have it all! You can secure your peace and be in your bag at the same dam time.

More women need to boss up, glow up and feel empowered to show up without excuses and fulfill their wildest dreams with kids in tow. I’ll keep saying it until you read it and believe it, them babies deserve a mother they can brag about.

I believe when you trust your instincts as a women, know what you want and what’s good for you you’ll be more picky with who and what you allow in your universe. It takes a long time to rebuild your little world after having children so protect your peace. Sometimes that means doing things alone and being your own cheerleader although we’d all like help sometimes we can only depend on ourselves.

I’m all about girl power and always preach that you need to figure out who you are and know your worth because there will always be a hater trying to shrink you down because they can’t handle how big your dreams are but fuck em! Fuck with yourself heavy especially if no one else does.

The hardest pill I had to swallow was when I realized at one point I was my own worst enemy. I talked myself out of doing so many things but not this year I chose to keep fighting even when I didn’t feel up to it.

I’m a living testimony that you can overcome anything.

I was once a single mom, a welfare recipient, jobless, broke, bitter, depressed and overwhelmed with life. I didn’t think I could make it through until I decided to be strong, keep my head up, cut out toxic people from my life, stop doubting myself, left every negative thought in the past and moved forward in life determined to never feel that way again by leading with my best self. 

I grew to love myself and value my time, my love and my purpose.

All I really had to do was put in the hard work and make the sacrifices that most people aren’t willing to do and it changed my life. So if your reading this You just have to be intentional and patient. Everything eventually falls into place just do you boo.

Today, I’m taking control of my narrative and writing my happy ending. I can’t change my beginning but there are to many possibilities in life for me to stay where I’m at.

The sky is just the beginning because I feel like I’m just getting started fixing my crown and becoming the person I should have been along time ago.

I’m flaunting my new glow and it looks good on me honey. So shoutout to myself for not looking like everything I’ve been through.

My heart is so full as I reflect on my 33 years but especially the last 15. I was 19 when I became a mother. I was only a teenager but made the decision that everyday I have a chance at life I promise to my kids that I will continue to stand tall because of them and for them.

This beautiful journey with them by my side has given me strength and guidance when I was lost and every tear I shed was never in vain because in the end we made it here, but this isn’t where it ends. My story is still being written.

I’m stepping into my 34th year more driven and more determined to hustle harder and love even harder. My grind is personal. I refuse to go back to the old me who doubted herself or my old life where I was unstable now that I’ve gotten a taste of the good life nothing tastes sweeter than being unapologetically me and being able to show my babies that if mommy can they most certainly can.

I look forward to new doors and new opportunities in this new year.








How To Celebrate A One Year Old’s Birthday?

Many people will tell you that it’s stupid to shell out all this money for a one year olds first birthday party that they won’t even remember and if your like me you won’t listen. Listen, it’s your child and if you want to make a big ordeal about them turning one do it.

Throw the party!

There’s no party like your child’s first birthday party. You can’t get that memory back so pick a venue, pick a date and send out invites right away.

They may not remember the party but turning one is a big deal and think of it like this you’ll be capturing the celebration with pictures for them to look at when they get older and they’ll have some pretty cool throwback Thursday pictures for them to post up in their social media when that time comes.

We all know if you don’t document it it didn’t happen. So snap away on the big day.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Is this party for your kid or for you and your adult friends? These are legit questions to ask yourself. Do you want to celebrate surviving your first year of parenthood or is the party to show off how happy you are that your child is turning one?

Sounds crazy but truth is most first time parents don’t always have friends with kids they can invite so consider having it at a place where adults can have fun if your guest list consists of mostly adults.

If you decide you want your child’s first birthday party to revolve entirely around them and can’t decide what’s age appropriate for a one year old just think of kid friendly places that can accommodate your child’s nap schedule if you end up choosing a place outside of your home or even a place that’s fun for kids of different ages.

Good party ideas for a first birthday are house parties or any play gym with soft play mats but you don’t have to do anything tradition at all. Epic parties are unconventional and break all the rules. Just be sure to make the day magical.

Decide your budget.

I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous over the top 1st birthday parties and I’ve attended some really simple just cake and ice cream only parties. Both were fine. Everyone’s budget is different my only suggestion is know yours and stick to it. Don’t go broke trying to impress people who wouldn’t lend you a dollar if you really needed it. I’m just saying.

Pick a theme.

Deciding what to do for a one year old can be pretty hard because they are not really big enough to do most things and picking a theme can be overwhelming when there’s so many great creative options out there. If your stuck on picking a theme I highly suggest Pinterest. Pinterest has everything you could imagine. It’s such a great place to start for inspiration.

Pick a place.

Picking a place to throw a party is important because from there you can figure out what you need. Do you need extra tables and chairs, do you want to trim your guest list because you’ll be paying per person, or do you need to buy decorations and what not can be figured out just by knowing where your having it.

Outside vs Inside

When thinking about whether to do an outside or inside party consider if your child’s birthday is around the colder months will the weather ruin your vision. Will your guest want to be outside in the cold? Then in the hotter months consider shading and AC options. No one wants to sweat buckets celebrating at your child’s party.

I personally am leaning more toward venue spaces these days because I can add lots more decor and it’s eliminates the need for a back up plan in case the weather goes south. You just have to figure in time to setup the party and break everything down when booking because they usually charge by the hour to rent.

For me it’s all about ease, convenience and the small details that make a party special but it’s really whatever floats your boat.

If you like lots of decorations like me then choose an inside venue. When throwing parties outside you have more variables working against you like the weather and the public. The wind will have balloons and table clothes flying all over the place.

Another thing to consider about outside parties held at places like the park is the spaces are typically first come first serve. Meaning you have to stake a claim at the space you want early and do you really want that stress if someone is earlier than you and gets the exact spot you want? I suggest if you do go the park route find a park that allows you to reserve a gazebo so you don’t have to worry about to many what if’s.

Then there’s the whole parking situation. Will it be a hassle to park because the place you chose is popular and super busy hosting other birthday parties on the weekend? Driving around in circles looking for parking is a drag and will discourage your guest from coming from the gate if they know a place is known for terrible parking.

A perfect example of this is beach parties. I hate them. Finding parking is exhausting and I’m more likely to pass on your party unless you do like a bonfire at night when there’s low traffic and it’s easier to find parking.

Pick a Time.

You also have places like Chuck E. Cheese to choose from where parties are only allotted a certain amount of time and space. Where as at your house the party don’t stop until you say. It just depends on your preference and what’s important to you.

With little ones you have to consider nap time. There’s nothing worst than a cranky tired baby. I recommend scheduling parties later in the afternoon after their nap and another thing do not do their birthday party the weekend of their 1 year old shots. It will be your biggest regret. Kids never feel good after shots.

Plan ahead.

Planning ahead is always a good thing but the key ingredients to a successful party is good food and beverages, treats, entertainment, party favors and you can’t forget the cake. A lot of bakeries are now offering a free smash cake if you tell them the cake is for a 1st birthday party. I know Walmart does and I took full advantage of it so do your research.

Personalize your party.

I love personalization so I picked a Elmo theme for my sons first birthday because my son has loved Elmo since his dad first put it on his phone one day to get him to calm down but I also understand that as a parent you only have a few years to pick a theme until your kid starts making his own requests so go wild with your creativity while you can.


Etsy is heaven sent in customizing your invites, banners, backdrops, water bottles and so much more. You no longer have to be an overachiever mom to throw an amazing party that all your guest will love. I will warn you though that the more DIY decorations you opt out on that outsourcing can get pretty pricey with shipping and delivery costs. So if you can do some of it that’s wonderful but if you can’t don’t beat yourself up about it that’s what Etsy is for.

Decorations ultimately don’t make a party the showering of love for the birthday boy or girl does. In my opinion, one year olds just want to be spoiled with love and toys. Don’t forget the only person who matters on the day of the party is your child.

Have fun.

I love making my kids birthday wishes come true so throwing them birthday parties is my favorite part of mommin’. The more extreme they get the more excitement I get in challenging my creativity.

If throwing parties isn’t your thing get an event planner. If your to lazy and don’t really care that much that’s fine too. It’s your party do you, just make sure you have fun.

No Regrets.

Nobody ever regrets throwing their kids a party but they do regret how much they spend. Whether you throw a big or small party be sure to celebrate your child 1st birthday and have fun so you don’t have mom guilt about it later if you don’t. Plus, you deserve the celebration as well you created, pushed them out and keep them alive a whole year. Pat yourself on the back momma. That’s a huge accomplishment. Festivities are in order.

Don’t forget!

  • Lighter
  • Knife to cut the cake
  • Candle
  • Phone charger
  • Lysol wipes
  • The high chair
  • Music

What advice can you think of that a first time mom might not think of to make her child first birthday go off without a hitch?





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