5 Ways To Help A New Mom

Who else is constantly seeing pregnancy or birth announcements all up and down their timeline? Just about everyday a new baby is born or on its way. I just want to say Yayyyy to ALL the moms to be! I’m so excited for all you mother-to-be’s (whether your a first time mom or veteran mom expanding your family), Congrats!

Not only does pregnancy bring tons of hormonal changes but let be honest shit is never the same once you become a mother. Adapting to your new normal is definitely a process. 80% of moms tend to feel overwhelmed and can use your help even if they don’t want to admit it. If your not pregnant but apart of the village and excited, here’s how you can make moms life a little easier after she’s had her baby. Here are some ways you can help out.

If your a mom preparing for a new baby like, subscribe and share this post with everyone because this is the perfect way to let everyone know what you’ll need when the baby arrives and how they can pitch in. Of course you can do it without they but why when they are willing to help. Let them. Take it from me you’ll be forever grateful to all your friends and family who supported you during the newborn phase.

5 ways to help a new mom:

1. Cook.

Cook them a dish of yours that they love but if you aren’t a cooker Uber eats or grub hub credits would be appreciated just the same. Hell even a grocery store gift card. Moms need to be well nourished to stay healthy for themselves and new baby. You don’t have to spend thousands just a couple dollars on a healthy meal. The gesture goes a long way.

2. Clean something.

Anything. Vacuum, wash dishes, take out the trash, clean the bathroom, organize or fold clothes. Basically any area you see neglected in her house tidy it up and give it some tlc. If you don’t live close but still want to help hire a cleaning service for them.

Mom is still trying to get in the groove of this new lifestyle change parenthood brings and while being attentive to her baby she’s not going to have the time or energy to focus on cleaning especially in the beginning days like she normally would. She’s exhausted.

Her priority at the moment is learning her baby’s cues and keeping up with the baby’s busy feeding schedule. So feel free to be the extra hands she will need to complete household chores. Don’t ask, just do it.

3. Babysit.

If you could spare a few hours to help babysit her newborn or even her older kids so she can get some extra sleep, take a shower, have some uninterrupted alone time with her newborn, pamper herself with a manicure, just relax or get some time to get out the house. Even if it’s just for a quick walk for fresh air.

Mom will need time for self care. It’s a necessity. You don’t want a mom to get the baby blues. She needs to have time to be able to do some of the things she enjoyed pre baby. She still matters and still needs to be an individual.

4. Listen and empathize.

Mom just had a whole human come out of her VJJ and she going to want to talk about it. She’s going to want to share everything that she’s going through. All the things she never expected or prepared for, her struggles, recovery, the joys, or even her sadness. Give momma some attention. Notice her. Baby’s are super cute so it’s easy to forget mom needs love too. Let her pour out and be a shoulder for her to cry on if she needs it.

Giving birth comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of pressures you never knew you needed to think about. For instance, not feeling adequate, not wanting to go back to work, worries of SIDS, picking a good childcare provider, what are age appropriate toys, to vaccinate or not and the list is never ending and so is the list of things to do like doctors visits and store runs to get mom and baby comfortable as they’re settling in.

Mom also need reassurance during her recovery that everything she’s going through is absolutely normal and you understand. If you see mom having a tough time adjusting remind her that it gets easier. Validate her feelings and tell her she looks great and she’s doing a great job. You don’t realize how far a simple compliment goes. It really does boost confidence and refuel mom to stay strong and keep going.

5. Ask them what they need.

No mom is the same what one might need another might not so ask and be clear on how you can help. If they say no give them some time to change their mind and ask them again in a few minutes or couple hours just in case. Mom may feel guilty for wanting help because often times they feel like they should be able to handle it but remind them that you want to help.

We want our moms to thrive so they can be the best moms they can be. It’s so important we support, motivate and uplift new moms in order for them to continue to be be superwomen-CEO’s, philanthropist, entrepreneurs and all around bad ass mother’s.

What would you add to the list to help support mom in the newborn stage?







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