This Saturday, I hosted an unforgettable Friendsgiving for my mom friends at Louisiana Purchase. It was a magical night in San Diego with tons of inspiring stories, lots of laughs, impeccable food, drinks, beautiful ambiance and a chance for all of us to make a difference and give back. Instead of doing your typical potluck for Friendsgiving I thought it’d be fun to switch it up and get my boss lady friends out the house for a ladies night at a hip restaurant and do some charity work.

We are so blessed throughout the year it feels good to give back to the less fortunate. My life hasn’t been perfect. I’m still waiting on some prayers to be answered but I do what I can. This year I can truly say I’m so fortunate and grateful to be around so many strong like minded women willing to do some good with their blessings. These are my tribe of sistas and I’m thankful for the support of each one of them. Without strength in numbers we are powerless. With it we can do amazing thing and this night was proof of it.

I requested that everyone bring a toy to be donated to the Black Infant Program. Whoever did was entered into a raffle where they could win a $50 amazon gift card. My only stipulation was if you won the gift card that you actually treat yourself.

We Mother’s give so much. It’s in our dna to over do it too sometimes and I just wanted the winner to buy herself something and not her kid anything. I’m serious you have to remind mommas to put themselves first because it’s human nature for us to nurture everyone but ourselves, but I’m trying to stop that way of thinking.

Food and drinks around the fire pit with these beauties.

I can’t even express how proud I was to see the ladies donate so many toys. They really payed it forward. I’m sure that this season we are sure to bring a lot of holiday cheer to a deserving family and I can’t stop bragging about how humbled I am to see what Boss Mommy Club can accomplish. We may be a tiny community now, but it is my hope the spirit of womanhood and empowerment grows in each and everyone of these women and as they become more successful may their ability to give back continue to be apart of their journey.

I never had a Friendsgiving before but in the spirit of gratitude I couldn’t resist adopting this new popular tradition because I love my framily. I like the whole idea of getting together with your friends and celebrating the holidays. Of course, it wouldn’t be in Tasia fashion for it to not be EXTRA. In my world there’s no such thing as TO EXTRA because life is to short to live it mediocre. Life is to be lived to the fullest and if you know me you know I live by momma gotta have a life too.

When the cocktails kick in hit a 90’s pose.

Us mommy’s had a wonderful time at Louisiana Purchase in North Park, San Diego. They are known for there southern cuisine (with a sophisticated twist). I grew up eating cajun food and southern dishes because my mom is from the boot, so Louisiana Purchase was a no brainer for me. When I think of Thanksgiving, soul food is really the only thing that pops in my head. In my mind there is no such thing as Thanksgiving without it. In fact, I’ve made my peace about gaining 10lbs due to all the delicious food I was not going to deny myself from eating from Thanksgiving To New Years.

Who else ain’t worried about no diet??

I love being able to share my culture and I couldn’t wait to share Louisiana Purchase with all my Boss Mommy’s. Plus, I heard through the grapevine that they had bomb ass cocktails. And yes, it’s true. Their drinks are phenomenal! I had the mojito and the neighbor hustle. You should try them. The neighborhood hustle is pretty sweet like a pina colada but very tasty. The mojito is strong and good.

As far as food goes, my guest and I shared the garlic butter biscuits and sweet potatoe cornbread which were great. Then, for the main course I had the everyday Monday which is basically beans and rice with sausage. A good sized portion with the right amount of kick and lots of flavor. It was spicy but not to spicy. It reminded me of my moms beans and rice. So you can say they hit the nail in the coffin in the taste department and I was thoroughly impressed.

As we all went around the table and expressed what we were thankful for I sampled the catfish from the bayou in the tartar sauce and that was superb. As well as the shrimp sliders. OMG, they were so good too. I also, tried the Jenny pasta and that was really delicious. All I can say is by the 2nd round of drinks it got real sentimental and the love was overflowing and our bellies were satisfied.

The energy of Louisiana Purchase was simply amazing. The unique plates and menus gave it a cool little flare. To be around the fire pit outside was real camp Fire-ish. Then, to top it off they have blankets!!! It made the atmosphere even more relaxing to be able to snuggle under the blankets and vibe with your drinks in hand. At one point the conversation got so good I had a real Sara Jessica Parker moment.

Everything I tried looked and tasted scrumptious. I love Louisiana Purchases simple and clean design. It’s fun and cute. Inside is way bigger than it looks from the outside. From what I seen there is lots of indoor seating but not so much outdoor space. If your looking to sit in our exact location when you go I suggest making a reservation because it’s pretty much the hot spot. You’ll be waiting a long time if you don’t reserve in advance.

My girls keep telling me they loved Friendsgiving at Louisiana Purchase. I did too. The hospitality was so great I can’t complain about a single thing except I‘m disappointed I didn’t get to try the gumbo due to tummy problems. I’ll get that next time though.

For dessert we all had the beignet sprinkles with powdered sugar. I think these were the highlight for me. Since, I had such good beignets at Brenda’s soul food in San Francisco that we’re the best I thought I’d ever had until yesterday. The ones here at Louisiana Purchase are without a doubt the best I’ve had ever.

Have you ever had something so good it ruined it for you because nothing ever is good enough after that moment of bliss? Well, when I say my mouth is salivating thinking about how good and moist those beignets were from Louisiana Purchase are I wanna go back right now. Cafe Du Monde in the French quarters has nothing on these beignets from Louisiana Purchase, periodt.

The joy you feel on the inside radiates on the outside. I love these women. (Do you see those beignets in the background?)

I know large groups can be overwhelming but we had the best hostess. She even participated and help picked the raffle winner. Thanks boo. She was friendly and on top of everything. She made sure we knew exactly what was in each dish and recommended her favorites.

Tip: I almost forgot they have a secret menu. The menu changes daily from what the waitress said.

We were well taken care of all night. I can’t remember her name but she was a blonde pregnant women with the most alluring glow. Awwww I just love pregnant women. It’s something about knowing what they sacrifice to bring life into this world makes me a softy for them. God bless her and welcome to motherhood.

I actually think it was fate that our mommy group had a soon to be mommy as our waitress because we could all pour into her wonderful mom advice. If you ever read this sweetheart, Congratulations on your baby boy! You will be an amazing mommy as long as you try.

Just little ole me trying to make a difference.

From someone who travels to Louisiana regularly I definitely approve of this restaurant. Go on and get your soul food fix here you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t expect the food to taste like those hole in the wall restaurants like they have around Xavier University. It is not to be compared. Louisiana Purchase is better and made with better quality of ingredients. I would say for a more sophisticated palate. It is still soul food but more refined. And get this it’s on Louisiana St in North Park so it’s really easy to find.

Also, If you would like to help make this Christmas a special one for a family in need contact The Black Infant Health Program and see what you can do. There number is 1 (619) 266-7466 or e-mail them at