We’re 23 days into the new year. We already made up our mind that this year we’re going to be intentional with our goal setting. Now that we’re going to be laser focused on our dreams it’s time to discipline ourselves and give up a few things to make our dreams possible. It’s not going to be easy but in 2020 we’re claiming success.

Repeat with me we have the ability to get money, follow our passion, live purposefully and be happy. The key ingredient is perseverance along with mastering getting the negative thoughts out of our minds that limit us from just doing it. Down below are 5 things I see holding many of us back from living in abundance. First let’s stop sabotaging ourselves by procrastinating, comparing, ignoring our instincts, letting perfectionism distract us and seeking validation.

5 Things We Are Not Doing In 2020:

1. Procrastinating

Force yourself to do that task today. Stop stalling all your doing is delaying your success. Pick one thing to be motivated by and think about it when your having a rough start and that should be the umph you need to stop being lazy and take action on your dreams.

2. Comparing

Don’t compare yourself to others. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is your yesterday’s self. Focus on your own progress and keep your eyes on your own price because comparing your life to someone else’s winning season will lead to depression. Stop putting pressure on yourself. Remember all good things take time and everyone is on their own personal journey so yours might not look like theirs. This you need to learn to accept. Your journey is meant for you. Try acknowledging your own successes instead of stressing about someone else’s highlight reel on social media. I know it’s hard but this season your about to be so busy watering your own grass to notice if someone else’s greener!

3. Ignoring our instincts

Your intuition is God talking to you. Ladies we all have women’s intuition but most of us ignore it but not this year. This year we paying attention to people’s energy and listening to our gut feeling because every time you go against it you set yourself up for more drama and a headache in the long run. Still take risks but only risks that are more likely to benefit your passion projects.

4. Letting perfectionism distract us

This one is huge. Perfection is the thief of dreams. Sometimes we get so caught up chasing this idea of perfection that we never put ourselves out there. We end up letting our talents and gifts fall by the waste side because we feel like they are only ok but confidence is key. As long as your determined and have confidence just go for it. No one perfected anything before they started. They learned, they grew, got better then expanded.

5. Seeking validation

The only person that should be happy with your decision is YOU because your the one who has to live with the choices you make. You don’t need anyone to say that your opinions or ideas are ok. Be secure in who you are (your values). Validate your dam self. Then don’t be afraid of failure or going against the grain. Go forward in your pursuit of success even if no one supports you. Do you boo!

“Seeking approval from others will have you on an endless search for unnecessary validation” -unknown

This year if you haven’t already it’s time to change your mindset and prepare yourself to receive bigger blessings than the year before. Motherhood is crazy. This I know first hand. Then having the courage to pursue your dreams comes with another set of pressure we tend to place on ourselves.

Think big and stay positive. Stay encouraged, sis. Don’t let you be the reason you never start or never try. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Follow your dreams. You can do anything you put your mind to. Use my tips, take it step by step and push through. It may at times be a lonely scary road but only you know what your meant to become. If you don’t believe in you no one else will either. Keep hustling. It’s all going to pay off soon enough.

You got this mommy!