If you don’t do a photo shoot every month of your child’s first month of existence are you even a good mom?! OMG, it’s ridiculous to even think that way. Being the perfect mom has nothing to do with making sure you get the best shot of your adorable new baby (but you do get bonus points if your able to pull of off *wink*) and more to do with just learning your baby and taking care of their needs.

What mom doesn’t have an iCloud full of candid baby pictures anyways so just because they aren’t perfectly curated doesn’t mean they won’t be appreciated in the long run. Keep snapping pictures no matter what. Capture everything from their first smile, cry, funny face, crazy hair, cute outfit, crawl, or mischief. Document it all. Their first year goes by so fast so don’t ever feel like your ever taking to many pictures. That’s highly impossible to do.

Look at this level of extra. You see how it took a whole team to pull off???

I’ve seen photoshoots as simple as baby on a monthly milestone blanket, milestone sticker, age blocks or even more elaborate photoshoots with extravagant props and costumes beautifully done. How ever far you can stretch your imagination is up to you but if your going to do it don’t have such high expectations of the models because after all they are babies. Be flexible and have fun.

I think milestone pictures are the cutest way to capture the growth of your child’s first year but I just couldn’t keep up. I gave up after the 4th month and I don’t care. I do love the new trend just in case any of you new moms are thinking about it, go for it! I just was preoccupied with my other 2 kids, trying to maintain a social life and just being utterly exhausted. If you fail like I did don’t sweat it though. There’s so many other traditions you can create that may stick.

Let that mom guilt go. Your baby isn’t missing out on anything by not doing the month by month photoshoots since they are purely optional. Also, there is always going to be that one mom that will out do you in your eyes. Give her kudos and don’t think that deeply into it. You are still a wonderful mom, I pinky promise.

Although, I failed I still captured pictures of baby Kalvin’s first year and put my favorites in a Shutterfly photo book. I’ve done this to document all my kid’s birthdays, special occasions and sports activities. It’s easier than scrapbooking and my kids enjoy looking at their books and reading the captions. Visit Shutterfly and make yours today!