When everybody did what was best for them and now it’s your turn….Excuse Me While I Live My Very Best Life Now!

Focus on being a great mom, get your finances right, then work on your credit so you can find your forever home. Sometimes removing people that give you anxieties is the best thing you can do. People are so selfish and removing those toxic people give you more space to focus on what’s important-you!

Time to level up your mind so you can make a greater impact.

How To Live Your Best Life???!

Rule number one…stop living your life for other people. You have to make decisions that you can live with because at the dead of the day if they won’t be at your death bed they don’t matter. I will always scream “you do you boo” because the people who matter will love you regardless.

They say you die once and you’re dead and that’s all folks. Every morning you wake up you get to live and that’s a blessing. Ask yourself are you really living or just existing? Routines are wonderful because if you don’t plan your basically planning to fail, but in the same token you don’t want to get so stuck on routine that you don’t allow yourself to take risks or opportunities that could enhance your life. Do what brings you joy especially if you can’t stop thinking about it.

You Take Care Of You.

Self-care is very important. Self enlightenment is also key. You have to live your life the way you want to. This is a huge part in why I randomly booked a ticket to Las Vegas last week to getaway. I am someone who loves my kids but needs mommy breaks. I legit will go loco when I don’t make time for myself. With my crazy schedule and three kids I have to take care of my mental health. Therefore, this last minute girls trip that I’m going to piggy back on in celebration of starting my new business, surviving a pandemic and early birthday treat to myself because my Black life matters too.

My children need a healthy mom and I need balance. It took a few meltdowns for me to take my mental health serious so if you’re struggling to do anything special for yourself just know that it takes time. Love yourself fiercely but be gentle to yourself because the world is already hard enough. It’s easier said then done, I know but it’s important and you need to prioritize self-care. Just think about it like this when you love your body it loves you back and gives you more years to spend with the ones you love.

For years I never bought myself anything while my kids closets were overloaded. I got satisfaction in them being the best dressed kids in school but I forgot about me. I was rocking the same clothes from 2010 while their closets had the latest fashions. Which is crazy because I won best dressed in high school. I’ve always loved clothes but when money was funny I got used to counting myself out. Then, when I starting making decent money I just got used to being basic. No wonder why my life sucked my mindset was wack.

I changed my mindset from I can’t to I can and I will. I started paying myself first and making promises to myself like every time I get paid I need to save, but I also have to buy myself at least one thing. Just buying one thing for only me made me feel good and boosted my confidence back up. It really made a difference. The correlation between looking good and feeling good is real. Caring about yourself starts with your appearance. The new confidence I had empowered me to get shit done and when I say get shit done I’m talking about beginning this blog, Moody Babe Lashes, Princess Boss Lipgloss, and my daughters YouTube channel Life with Kiara. It just opened my eyes to so many wonderful things that I stop caring about when I didn’t care about myself.

Don’t settle for less just because it’s available!

All the good hearted shit is great but if you find yourself always pouring into other people who never reciprocate then STOP. You have to take care of you first and foremost. Never lower your standards because there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. You are never asking for to much because if you have to compromise your integrity or morals then that person or opportunity is not a good fit anyways. Whatever is truly for you is for you and you won’t have to beg them to be on the same page as you.

So often we wonder why we aren’t thriving and it’s because we have dead weight tying us down. As you get older especially in relationships you realize not everybody wants to commit. So you have to start thinking along the lines of are you ok with wasting your time? The dumbest female in the world is a women who is single and faithful to a married man. Girl, get your whole entire life!

Everyone has encountered a toxic relationship before because they are toxic, they like toxic or got in to deep before they realized it was toxic. It happens everyday but shame on you if you decide to stay. You deserve whatever you put yourself through because you always have a choice to leave. I don’t care how much that person spoils you with distractions if they lie to you, cheat on you and use you, you can always find better. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t love you the way or to the degree that you love them. You’ll know when they don’t because it won’t sit well with you.

Try again. Try it differently. Just don’t stop trying until you succeed.

If I could tell my younger self anything I’d tell her don’t cry over spilled milk and that your going to have to let go of a whole lot of shit to unlock the next level of your life. Life is to be lived and to be loved. You’re a goddess. Your a healer. Your light will attract a lot of people that mean ill will toward you but you will shine on em baby because of your determination.

Your drive makes you special. It’s sets you apart from the talkers and the doers. When you are a women of action that tunnel vision energy is strong and defies all odds. Live your best life by staying true to what you love. Focusing on what you can’t live without and do everything in your power to keep hope alive. When you start believing in yourself is when you become successful. Never give up just eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve and don’t let your setbacks become permanent failures. You can be mad at them but take it out on your grind. Don’t let them stop you. Focus on the solution not the problems.

On good days hustle hard and on bad days hustle harder!

There’s this serial entrepreneur on Instagram named @danachanel and she really lite a fire in me last week. She asked the question are you going to let a crackhead out hustle you? I Seriously had a mind blown moment. See a crackhead wakes up everyday with no money but with one goal and everyday they get their fix at all costs. They persist and they meet their needs everyday. That’s the type of hustle you need to have for yourself. Wouldn’t you rather be tired than broke?!

I want my entire girl gang to be rich in spirit and material possessions. If I’m on top I want you all to be up there with me God willing. The views I hear are better there and once we get there let’s continue to support each other and uplift each other because living our very best life requires helping each other build.

So you say you want to live the best life…what are you doing to make that happen after reading this?