I’ve been breastfeeding 18 months now and I either get props from supporters or the biggest stink eye from those that think that’s to old. The biggest misconception about breast feeding is that once your kid has teeth you should stop, and if your child is walking and talking and your still breastfeeding then comes the big cloud of judgement. People think somethings wrong with momma for her to be going so long like it’s a problem. There’s nothing wrong with me I’m just trying to feed my kid.

Breastfeeding in the hospital.

I’ve actually had people tell me that it’s sickening to breastfeed after one. I was baffled. People can be very rude some can be way to opinionated about how I choose to mother my children. You would have thought I asked for their unwanted advice. No matter what their opinions are I make it very clear that they don’t run my life and as long as my baby wants to suck up this love I’ll continue to breastfeed regardless of how they feel. I’m not worried about judgmental ass people anyway. All I care about is the well being of my child.

Breastfeeding in the comfort of my home.

I’m a breastfeeding badass.

It’s sad that people forget that breastfeeding is normal. Do I wish this phase of my life was over YES but my baby still enjoys breastfeeding, especially at night. Now that we’re in quarantine he wants the comfort even more, but at school he eats solid food and drinks regular milk. He’s a happy healthy baby and if he’s to stubborn to give up breast milk that’s fine with me. At this point I’m a breastfeeding badass I’ll breast feed anywhere if my child is hungry.

I don’t even force him to quit either because I’d end up feeling guilty. What does bother me is the rough days when he is doing gymnastics, death gripping my boob, man handling my free breast and or digging in my nose while feeding then someone comes along with their nose in the air being negative instead of offering me support.

At this point he hasn’t bitten my nipple yet and I’ve mentally adjusted to his feedings. It doesn’t bother me that he’s not ready to stop anymore. I’m not on societies time limit nor do I feel the need to be private about breastfeeding my one year old. When I was a first time mom I cared what people thought. I was self conscious and embarrassed. Then when I had my second I began to care less. Now I’m like mine your own tits these babies are coming out whether the room is full or empty.

Still breastfeeding and minding my own business.

We all good over here.

I feel like when he’s ready to move on I’m right there with him. As for now we’re just in this together. We’re just winging it. Playing it day by day. Enjoying our time together. I wish more people understood that breastfeeding is not weird after one. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that the longer you breastfeed the smarter and stronger your child is.

Not easy but worth it.

I just seen so much backlash last week that Coco, the wife of rapper/ actor Ice T, is getting for still breastfeeding her 4 year old. I wish people would stop having an issue with such a natural thing. What do they think people did before formula, starve their kids? Historically breastfeeding has been apart of our history and I’m confused as to why it became such a shameful thing. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. It’s a beautiful natural magical thing that women can feed their babies from their bosom. It’s irritating getting dirty looks or hearing people say “he’s to big” or “he needs to get off.” First of all, it’s none of your business.

I am so proud to be a woman.

My sons pediatrician is trying to get me to stop because he says that babies that are breastfeed after one start loosing weight but not in my case. My son is a growing boy and doing just fine in the weight department. I need to find a doctor that gets it. Last time I checked it’s recommended a minimum of 2 years to breastfeed your kid but when women practice extended breastfeeding everyone is shocked. Some people are so disturbed like you plan on breastfeeding your kid until they go to college or something. My child is still a baby and still in diaper it’s not like he’s school age and getting bullied for still breastfeeding now that I understand is just to long.

I try to block out all the negative and about the tons of support and encouragement I get most of the time. That is what makes me pretty proud. Other moms are impressed because if your a mom you know how rocky the beginning stages can be especially if you have latch issues. Then to return to work and pump and still manage to produce enough. While on the flip side being postpartum and even dealing with postpartum depression and fighting through the needs of your child before your own. So when I look back at my journey I’m even surprised where still going strong. The only way to understand the magnitude of the blessing of being able to breastfeed this long is to walk in my shoes.

These boobs belong to my baby.

For anybody passing judgement remember MY CHILD, NOT YOURS.

It’s not nasty or gross and I’ve even heard people take it so far to say incest. Smh. People are annoying. How many adults are still drinking milk from another species? Lol people hate my smart ass mouth. What’s funny it’s always that one person that isn’t a mother and has no experience that’s the first one to comment. I hate when non mothers think they know more than you. Like, girl have several seats. You not about this life. You have no idea either.

My breastfeeding shouldn’t offend you and if it does SUCK IT. Don’t look, keep it moving with you day but do not say anything obnoxious to me. This sleep deprived mom might give you the finger. My reply when someone is to stupid to mind their own dam business. It’s my lawful right to breastfeed anytime and anywhere. Don’t nobody got time to be pumping all the time to make you feel comfortable.

Stand your ground.

Go mommy go! Breastfeed until it no longer works for you both. I wish I could high five all breastfeeding moms and tell them how amazing and exceptional they are. Stay true to yourself. If this is something you want then push to continue on no matter what the haters and naysayers say or think.

Who else is on this breastfeeding journey with me with a child over one? How are you holding up?