Don’t be afraid to walk alone. Goals are personal. Stay on track and don’t let your 2020 goals be your 2021 goals. This is exactly what I had to tell myself this week because the CoronaVirus was messing up my rhythm. I felt like I finally had the time to research eye lash vendors in China. I found one that I love that’s affordable and has good quality mink lashes I would actually wear and now I’m fucking scared that they might deliver me some CoronaVirus. The irony.

I’m so ready to make some new money moves but I can’t be serving CoronaVirus to my potential customers. I got upset and stopped production. I’m usually an optimistic person but I just couldn’t help getting panicked that if I didn’t act soon I’d never get around too seeing it through. I even stopped using my time wisely since I was unwilling to compromise my product and was at a stand still.

Then I got to thinking I prayed for days like this to be able to focus on my dreams and now that the time is here and I had all the time in the world to go full throttle here goes the CoronaVirus throwing a monkey wrench in my timeline. I spent countless sleepless nights looking through catalogs, staying up to late to communicate with vendors since there’s a big time difference, and I finally figured out what I wanted to purchase but now I’m to scared to buy.

I felt defeated and I feared loosing momentum until I saw that quote on Instagram about tests are not to discover your weaknesses but to show you your strength. It’s like a light switched in my head. I changed my thinking immediately and began breaking down my goal. Then realized that after I had written down my to do list I was pretty much locked and loaded and ready to go. Meaning once the CoronaVirus is gone and everything dies down I’ll be ready to come correct.

New day, new goal.

Instead of worrying about what I can’t change I decided to dive in and design my box, packaging and etc so I can be able to precisely get what I want done when it’s time to customize it. Yeah, I could have just pushed on but I ultimately feel like it was a blessing in disguise because maybe I would have put it out and I would have regretted certain details. Now I can be proud of my finished product because I know 1000% everything was done by my standards and I didn’t settle just to beat my own personal timeline.

We all like instant gratification and I’m no different but I’m learning in this time to refocus on my vision so I can amplify it. Now, I have my next 3 collections already planned out. My Instagram reel about to be poppin. Plus I took the time to write out photoshoot shot lists. I’m not playing around. I’m so excited to share one of my passions with y’all. The moral of this story is to remind you to not let anyone or anything stop you. When Plan A doesn’t work or even Plan B that doesn’t mean give up.

You didn’t make the Forbes list today so get up.


It’s easy to get discouraged but self-love will make you so much stronger. I promised myself to stay committed to me this year. To put my goals first for a change and that means to keep going until all of my plans works. Like they say you have to move differently if you want different. So I didn’t let it affect my day and moved onto putting all my ideas to paper. That way I’d stay productive doing something that would help elevate my business in some way.

After all, I was meant to be rich I can tell by the way I spend money. LOL. Did you set your goals for the new year? Are you claiming growth, success, happiness and money? Tell me what you plan to do when when we’re free from quarantine.