With all this CoronaVirus pandemic madness going on I hope we all take away from this whole mess that we should always have a family emergency plan. The most useful resource my job actually gave me was to think about having a plan. In our case right now we must focus on staying safe and staying healthy so that we don’t spread the virus anymore because it may be just like the flu for some of us but for our older population it’s more fatal and can cause death. Those aged 60 and older are most at risk.

Not planning is really planning to fail. Be prepared.

Don’t ever think you won’t need an emergency plan. Tsk.tsk. ALWAYS have a family emergency plan. You want to make sure under any unplanned circumstances or natural disasters you can survive at least 72 hours. I’m not sure why people are buying so much toilet paper right now. If you do end up quarantined the amount of toilet paper I’m witnessing people buy is absurd and unnecessary. The government sure does know how to scare people and distract them. I do believe that the government is creating mass hysteria to cover something up while the elections are proceeding but I won’t talk about politics in this post. That’s for another day.

Let’s not panic but prepare rationally.

I’m definitely not as worried as many others but I’m not complacent either and that’s only because I’m prepared. I’m not just buying up shit because everyone else is. I think majority of the world that’s panicking and stockpiling are causing others to do the same which is causing the need for stores to limit the number of items people can buy. Let’s think smart people. In the state of any crisis what do we really need and what should we be concerned with. This post is not intended to stress you out or downplay what’s going on but actual help you make a family emergency plan that will work in an emergency.

The other day I went to Target to buy my son some wipes and the whole aisle was wiped out. There was barely anything and completely no wipes. Since there’s a toilet paper shortage people are going after the next best thing, wipes. They’re not even considering that us mother’s actually need them for day to day life. Then, when I went to Costco there was no bread. Like how many sandwiches do you think you’ll survive off? Just odd. I get hand sanitizer and even canned goods but bread.

Not only are the schools closed for a few weeks, jobs are working remote and even the NBA is doing there part to stop the spread of the CoronaVirus.

Nows the perfect time to make a big batch of your favorite soup and freeze it. If your going to buy stuff think about if you get the CoronaVirus what would you need to get through it. Buy humidifiers, Kleenex, cough suppressants, probiotics, vitamins, Vic vapor rub, regular masks (you don’t need the N95 masks), Ibuprofen for fevers and sore throat, and lots of water to stay hydrated. Do not go to the ER unless you can’t breath. I know that seems not normal but you don’t want to spread it and they’ll quarantine you anyways so I recommend calling 911. They will help you get the help you need if your in distress without exposing others to the virus.

Tip: Don’t forget to get refills on your inhalers off they are expired or about to expire.

Please be careful and take care of yourselves!

Besides staying away from large gatherings or events, traveling unless it’s business critical, and properly washing your hands, and covering your mouth when sneezing to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 your plan should also include evacuation routes (even a back up one), copy of important documents, inventory of your home’s possessions, a family contact, person and disaster kits that’s portable.

You want to plan as if all services are unavailable and practice every 6 months to keep the plan refreshed in everyone’s mind as well to make sure that you’ve inspected all your kits so that nothings expired or no longer working. If you have pets or service animals don’t forget to make sure they are included in the plan too.

Tip: Make sure every family member knows their role in an emergency.

If you see any businesses trying to price gouge during a state of crisis and take advantage of desperate people please report them because that’s just not right. Some people just have no morality smh.

Stay Informed and stay educated

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