Since I like to do ratchet shit with classy people the title rachlorette fits my personality. If you know me you already know. I hardly get out but when I do I cut up! That’s a fact. My motto is work hard, play even harder. So Las Vegas was the ideal backdrop for my rachlorette so I could let loose one more time (because it definitely won’t be the last) before I walk down that aisle. Plus, unlike San Diego it’s more open and they don’t have a 10 pm curfew.

Here’s how it started:

Hopped off the plane and my girl Ashley greeted me with this hilarious sign. It was so funny. I’m not sure my fiancé would think it was to funny though. Lol. Like they say what happen in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas shhhhhhh.

I threw my luggage in the trunk and knew the weekend was about to be lit. I was thrilled to touchdown but hungry so we stopped at Tacotarian, a popular vegan restaurant. Everything was delicious. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend. My tacos were light yet satisfying and the guacamole was so good. Although, they don’t use any meat the authentic Mexican flavors are still there. It doesn’t feel like you’re not eating meat at all because it’s fillings are hearty and fulfilling.

After that we got in the Benz and made our way to the liquor store. It was officially time to turn up. We bought lots of liquor and champagne to stay hydrated the whole weekend *wink*. My friend even splurged on a bottle of Dom Perignon so we could live our best boujee life. Ashley made sure everything was top of the line for your girl because she stressed the entire time which I’m so glad she did that you only have this experience once. I can say I will never forget this weekend because of mostly her.

The whole weekend was loosely planned and perfect. I did a lot of firsts with my bridesmaids that weekend. I got to stay in a suite at the Cosmopolitan facing the Bellagio and every night I could watch the water show from my balcony. It was so dope. My friend who booked the room was disappointed by the size but it had great space for just us and the view of the strip was breathtaking. I could only hope that every time I stayed in Las Vegas I’d get a room this close to the strip with an amazing view.

The trip was a spare of the moment trip so unfortunately not all my bridal party could make it but I still had fun. On the first night they had @krissyonthebeat come to our room and do my makeup. Krissy is one of the best MUA’s in Las Vegas. She has even done makeup for Cardi B. She had your girl looking so dam fine. I’ll let her beat my face anytime. She is very talented and super sweet to work with.

I later was surprised with a dinner at the award winning, Top of the World, located in the Stratoshere. I’ve been dying to try that restaurant for years. I’ve made reservations several times and had to cancel them every time and because my friends knew this they decided to finally make Las Vegas bucket list dream come true. I love them for that.

Top of the World is a contemporary restaurant in the 106 floor that rotates and gives an eating experience like no other with its 360 degree view. As you eat and drink you can see the entire strip and all the captivating lights from 800 feet up. It moves slowly and takes about an hour for to it make a complete circle. The food was only aight but the view and ambiance was spectacular. Perfect for such a special occasion.

The next day we went to the pool at the Cosmopolitan and crashed a birthday party. We met some guys from Philadelphia and kicked it with them in their cabana. We ate and drank until we couldn’t handle it. Then we some how managed to make it to dinner and then to the Chandelier Club. We pretty much just winged it and had a great time.

The only party foul is that some girl tried to convert me to the other side. I’m not sure if it was because I had rainbow slides on in the casino but she was persistent although I kept telling her I’m straight. She was not playing about me. She was on me to tough and it was annoying. Luckily, the night turned around and we ended the night with drunk karaoke with some friends we met.

We woke up got drunk and went to breakfast. At breakfast while trying to check in my flight my dumb ass realized I booked my return flight for a different day. My mind had been so overloaded with wedding planning I booked my return flight for Oct. 25, my wedding day, who dies that? Thank God my sisters were driving back to Los Angeles so I was able to hitch a ride with them. Then, I booked a rental at LAX and drove 2 hours to San Diego. I definitely fucked up majorly but I didn’t have time to dwell on it.

I survived. I had fun. I almost got stranded but figured that shit out. All in all, Covid did not spoil my bachelorette weekend. I still had a wonderful time with my beautiful friends who put a lot of effort in ensuring I had a great weekend. We turned up, looked great and enjoyed lots of fine dining.