Asking for myself….

So last week I had a total meltdown. I haven’t had one since my son swung on our 60 inch tv with a bat. You can only imagine the ugly cry I made when it blacked out. I just knew my husband, my then fiancé at time, was going to call off the wedding because I was watching him when it happened. The flat screen is his pride and joy so I expected the worst. Surprisingly, he was cool as a cucumber. He just went out and bought another one and threw out the bat.

This time my terrible two year old cut my hair. I was sitting down organizing my file cabinet when he came up behind me and started messing with my hair. I thought he was combing my hair. It felt good having him play in my hair. I even thought it was cute until I turned around and realized it wasn’t a comb but the scissors. Yo, I dam near wanted to throw him in the trash. I couldn’t even believe it. Not only dealing with his moody attitude but now he done went and cut my hair.

I ran my fingers through my ponytail and big pieces of hair immediately started falling out. I was so heartbroken and pissed because all quarantine I had chosen to go heatless and start taken better care of my hair. My hair had become so healthy and my length was getting to my goal length. In a matter of seconds he destroyed all my hard work. I legit lost my shit. I know that he’s two but dam he didn’t have to do me like that. I was so sad and mad I had to have my sister pick him up so I could process what had happened to me. 

I wanted to fight him. I will always love him but as moms we’re entitled to not like our kids sometimes. That day if I could have returned to sender I would have. I’m being real as hell. I was that angry and that’s ok. I know he didn’t see any problem in what he did because he’s a toddler but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to be mad.

I probably scared the hell out of him crying and screaming as I got out my emotions too but you have to understand I couldn’t fake my reaction in that moment. I just frustrated that it even happened. All I kept thinking is why. How did he get the scissors because we’re so diligent about putting them away so he doesn’t get him. Just so many things ran threw my head but mostly how did I end up with the cutest bad ass two year old?

I couldn’t make up the shit he’s done. He’s bad. His mind is on another level. He’s to advanced and I was not ready nor prepared for his type of curiosity. At times it’s to much. My philosophy is that all kids are bad but it’s just astonishing the types of things he does compared to my other two. They did the typical dump all the baby powder out and make a powder storm and even smeared butt cream all over their face but this one I got to watch like a hawk. He mimics everything he sees and I feel like it can lead to dangerous things if I’m not paying attention. He just be living his best life at my expense.

He does grown people stuff that I wasn’t expecting him to do just yet. He picks up everything fast. Ya’ll pray for this mother with two year old because I am not ok. Each day is definitely a crazy adventure. Luckily, my bar is fully stocked and I can call my mom friends whose kids are equally bad and we can cry it out together. What is your terrible two year old doing that drives you up the wall?