I see you checking IRS website to see when your stimulus check hits your account. Before you put anything in your Fashion Nova cart invest in yourself. 2020 taught us the world could shut down without a notice and we all be without jobs, so we need to always have more than one form of income. Don’t spend your money on materialistic things that hold no real value. Flip that money sis because sitting on it won’t get you more money and your going to spend it anyways. You might as well go broke investing in yourself with this free money from the government.

If your looking for a sign now is the time to change your money mindset.

Don’t end up with nothing saved or nothing invested. I wish I knew what I know now back in back in the day I would have already been a millionaire. Now that I do know more about getting money I want to share it with everyone. Not just my family and my friends but anyone who wants to hear it. Think about what life would be like if money weren’t a issue. Now think about what life you want to live and build backwards on how to get there. Then, do something everyday that gets you closer to your goal.

 It’s especially hard starting from ground zero and embracing the mindset. When you were never exposed to this thinking of funding  your financial dreams and getting off your butt and out of  that 9-5 lifestyle. Luckily, now that the world has  slowed down so you can re discover yourself you can take the time to learn as much as you can about your niche. If you don’t know what niche is it’s something that your have skills in and are passionate about. For example mine is lashes. I love lashes so it only made since to take my love of lashes, especially the wispy style and turn it into a business.  Moody Babe Lashes makes finding wispy lashes easier than ever before.  Solving a problem is the best way to determine if your niche is profitable.

After you’ve decided your niche.  Study, research and keep learning. Invest in courses or find a mentor. Ecourses are the wave honey. Now that people can’t connect in person due to Covid these are great routes for bettering your future. Who better to guide you then a professional that’s already been doing what you want to do. It’s basically a cheat code. Your bypassing all their L’s they took, plus you’ll get there a lot faster or better yet you can monetize on your own mind. Whatever is that you are knowledgeable in and know backwards and forward turn that in to a ecourse that you can sell.

You can even invest in stock in anything that you buy. What if I told you that spending just a mere $27.04 a day on miscellaneous bull crap adds up to $10,000 a year in funds that could have been put towards your business. I’m here to help you program your mind for success. Make sure to dream big and don’t limit yourself.

It’s time to elevate.

Believe in yourself and go all in.

You deserve the life you’ve always imagined. Envision it. Manifest it. Go for it because you can have ANYTHING. Repeat with me I’m a multi millionaire in the making. Affirm it. First step, write your business plan.

Time to take the leap.