Many small businesses are struggling through this pandemic because they don’t have the brand awareness that large companies have. When you support small business your not just supporting a dream but your supporting your community and your boosting the economy, and helping create thousands of more jobs. You don’t necessarily need money to support a small business, even if you can’t afford to shop with them it’s take zero dollars and zero cents to support them like you support the brands of celebrities who don’t even know who you are. The larger companies take a hit in the wallet when their sales go down while all the independent businesses might not be able to make it and have to close their business for good.

Starting a business is hard work so any support is enormous. Most small businesses don’t have a huge marketing budget so commenting, liking or sharing their business really helps. It has the power to give them a new customer and giving a business a new customer is the best way to support them and it doesn’t cost you anything but a little time out of your day with a few clicks on social media platforms your already using anyways. Here are a few more ways you can show your support to small businesses:

Sign up for their newsletter

It keeps a business in your mind so you remember to think of them and refer them. What’s great about most newsletters are they are shareable and will typically they give you the inside scoop on products and promotions so when you can affordable to buy from them you can do it at a discounted price.

Tag someone in a comment

Tag all your friends that would like the service or particular product that a business is selling. Referring friends and family by word of mouth is an excellent way to help support local businesses.

Like their post

By liking their post your helping their algorithm and helping them get their brand in front of audiences who may not even knew they existed which may result in a new customer. Every sale counts and every small purchase makes a big difference.

Post a photo of you buying from them.

Leaving reviews and sharing your testimony is so helpful for prospective customers. It helps build trust between the buyer and the seller when they see a face of an actual customer who leaves a positive review of their experience. Reviews on Yelp and google are always taken into consideration by potential customers and a good honest review is often times the deciding factor people use to shop or spend their money with one business over another.

Comment on their post

Even if it’s a emoji. Interact with them on their lives, reels and posts. It’s extremely encouraging when they know they have support cheering them on.

Repost their post

Sharing is caring. Reposting their content goes along way. It’s helps give their brand more presence on social media.

Show up for their events

This one is huge. Most entrepreneurs understand that not everyone has a need for their product or services but if are able to make the time to show up to their events that’s another opportunity for them to get more customers especially if you use their hashtag and tag their social media pages in all of the pictures and videos you took while at their event. Content is everything in this day and age for getting brand sales to skyrocket.