It’s Day 7 of the New Year and the pandemic is still going on. Bummer. I think we all had hope on Jan. 1 that on that day something would magically change but it hasn’t. In fact, for those whose unemployment claims ran out it substantially got worst. Way to bring in the New Years with more uncertainty. It’s doesn’t look like we’re going to see outside or return to any kind of normalcy anytime soon.

I was just talking to a friend and she was telling me that in Los Angeles alone something like 1 out of every 16 people has Covid. I think it’s true because my little sister who’s a year younger than me and lives in Orange County which is not far from Los Angeles and she just got over Covid. My my father-in-law lived near that way and he just passed away Dec. 18 of Covid complications. It’s spreading like a wild fire. In fact, my son’s teacher just got diagnosed with Covid and they had to shut the whole dam school down for 14 days. At this point Covid is infiltrating our inner circle so ya’ll be safe out there.

Our family has experienced some extreme highs (our wedding) and lows (the death of my father-in-law) in 2020 but we found away to stay sane, stay positive and make the best of the stay at home order. We upgraded our mindsets, we made family a priority and together we planned our next moves. In 2021, we are prepared and will apply extreme pressure to our goals. 2020 taught us many lessons about how to be financially responsible, use our credit to our advantage, to see our vision through, to stop procrastinating and to have extreme gratitude for the problems we don’t have. In life, no matter how much you could be doing the right things to get yourself in align with your purpose there will always be some challenges. We realize our strength and we are determined to play on them in our upcoming season.

The grind does not stop even with all these Covid challenges we are facing. We’re not letting a day pass us by where we are not trying to become a upgraded version of ourselves for ourselves and for our community. We are still battling for like Breonna Taylor’s killers to be prosecuted. The Black Lives Matter movement will forever be engraved in history although I think personally we need a real revolution to get the results I want to see before I leave this earth but I understand racism didn’t start over night and it won’t end over need. It’s definitely an uphill battle we’re determined to win and be treat humane and then we’ll get to equal.

So far sports has continued on. The lakers won the championship again. Aint that something. I truly feel that they couldn’t end the season without paying homage to the late great Black Mamba. They won the game with hard work and in the honor of Kobe Bryant. As a Laker fan myself, I was beyond proud of the Lakers whole team. They did that. I think everyone watching was in amazement and felt that moment was remarkable and well deserved.

Biden will soon be announced as president of The United States. Meanwhile, Trump still trying to finesse he country. His supporters are convinced of voter fraud and do not want to see him out the White House. I’m so over him. I wish he would just bow out gracefully like past presidents but he’s so egotistical. He legit was horrible in office. His Twitter fingers throughout his term was disgusting and the ways he never addressed Black America’s issues is a problem for me.

He should have been impeached long time ago. He basically incited this riot at the U.S. Capital. He needs to be put in jail but it probably won’t happen because it’s like he’s above the law. Witnessing Obama in office compared to that clown is wild. Trump has no filter, no class and has to much nerve. He’s bold and ignorant just like his supporters. He is a flat out thug if you ask me. The things he has done Obama would never. I hope Biden gets America back United because Trump won his election dividing us.

His time in office has allowed racism to be more vocal. If you weren’t aware of white privilege in this country you can not turn a blind eye to it now. It’s always existed but now it downright in your face. The fact that pro trump supporters mobbed the U.S. Capital like they owned the place, with no fear of consequences yesterday while thinking they were doing something patriotic was the most unpatriotic thing I’ve seen in my lifetime. How does that even happen? I can’t wrap my finger around how easily they were able to do that.

Them hodlums because we going to call it like we see it and use the same language they used on protestors in the BLM. The hypocrisy is real. I absolutely am not surprised that 25 were merely arrested while when my moms friend was protesting she was shot in the face with a rubber bullet and lost her eye. You see the problem I’m having. Black lives are treated different and it isn’t fair and it’s obvious.

My people don’t want rioters to be shot at or murdered like they do us but we want to be treated the same. We want to be arrested instead of shot just like them. At this point I’m aggravated. I thought 2020 was a shit storm…that was just the prelude. 2021 is about to get ugly because our country is still in despair and still divided. I’m just going to keep praying that the disconnect disappears and that gap gets bridged. We will have change. Our ancestors endured far worst and we will have change but just now but right now. No justice no peace.

Rant over.