I’ve been going to Skyline Hills Park and Recreation Center since I was a kid. I really only had fun going inside the center because of the people I met up there to hang out with other than that the park was a lame excuse for a park. There never was much to do. It’s was pretty much slide, swing, done. Plus, it was always a little sketchy (lots of bums hanging out) and known to have shootings up there back then. Now the area is pretty policed and it’s becoming a nice little family spot. It’s officially one of the coolest parks in San Diego in my book.

About a year and a half ago they started reconstruction on the park but it paused for quite a while and I’m not sure why. I just know that when we would go to my daughter’s cheer practice on the basketball courts in the summer they weren’t working on it. Yet even under construction I could tell it was going to a huge improvement once it was complete. My family has been patiently waiting for it’s completion and when we found out last week it was open we couldn’t wait to go see the new and improved Skyline Hills Park.

Since Covid has still restricted a lot of activities we’ve been park hopping in different areas to pass the time. I must say I was immediately impressed by the new Skyline Hills Park. This neighborhood definitely deserved a new park. It is definitely a child’s playground dream. It has enough equipment and fun things to keep your kids entertained for hours. They even built a gazebo with tables which we saw people having a kids birthday party underneath. I foresee this park getting pack as word spreads of its reopen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There’s are 4 types of slides, swings, a zip line, tunnels, monkey bars, tetter totters, merry go rounds, and lots of climbing attractions. My two year had a ball. He was so hyped moving from one playground to the other. He’s exploring a lot more now, his strength and balance are getting better so I’ve loosen the reigns and am letting him discover what he likes. This park is perfect because I can let him roam and learn and not worry about his safety. The park made with rubber and it’s soft enough that he can take a tumble and get right back up and continue playing.

There’s also a balance beams, contraptions that spark learning and xylophone area for the kids to play with sounds. We had so much fun and there were plenty of kids for my son to play with but we kept to ourselves. We made sure we social distanced as much as we could. I am very aware that Covid 19 is still around and I took proper precautions for me to feel comfortable and decided to play with my kids at my own risk. We hand sanitized a lot but my son didn’t wear a mask. He’s two. He just wouldn’t keep it on anyways. At the end of the day I’m sure at this point in the pandemic I would hope that if you were experiencing any symptoms you wouldn’t even be at the park or anywhere else out of common decency.

Will I come back? Yes!