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Visit Skyline Hills Park and Recreation Center

I’ve been going to Skyline Hills Park and Recreation Center since I was a kid. I really only had fun going inside the center because of the people I met up there to hang out with other than that the park was a lame excuse for a park. There never was much to do. It’s was pretty much slide, swing, done. Plus, it was always a little sketchy (lots of bums hanging out) and known to have shootings up there back then. Now the area is pretty policed and it’s becoming a nice little family spot. It’s officially one of the coolest parks in San Diego in my book.

About a year and a half ago they started reconstruction on the park but it paused for quite a while and I’m not sure why. I just know that when we would go to my daughter’s cheer practice on the basketball courts in the summer they weren’t working on it. Yet even under construction I could tell it was going to a huge improvement once it was complete. My family has been patiently waiting for it’s completion and when we found out last week it was open we couldn’t wait to go see the new and improved Skyline Hills Park.

Since Covid has still restricted a lot of activities we’ve been park hopping in different areas to pass the time. I must say I was immediately impressed by the new Skyline Hills Park. This neighborhood definitely deserved a new park. It is definitely a child’s playground dream. It has enough equipment and fun things to keep your kids entertained for hours. They even built a gazebo with tables which we saw people having a kids birthday party underneath. I foresee this park getting pack as word spreads of its reopen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There’s are 4 types of slides, swings, a zip line, tunnels, monkey bars, tetter totters, merry go rounds, and lots of climbing attractions. My two year had a ball. He was so hyped moving from one playground to the other. He’s exploring a lot more now, his strength and balance are getting better so I’ve loosen the reigns and am letting him discover what he likes. This park is perfect because I can let him roam and learn and not worry about his safety. The park made with rubber and it’s soft enough that he can take a tumble and get right back up and continue playing.

There’s also a balance beams, contraptions that spark learning and xylophone area for the kids to play with sounds. We had so much fun and there were plenty of kids for my son to play with but we kept to ourselves. We made sure we social distanced as much as we could. I am very aware that Covid 19 is still around and I took proper precautions for me to feel comfortable and decided to play with my kids at my own risk. We hand sanitized a lot but my son didn’t wear a mask. He’s two. He just wouldn’t keep it on anyways. At the end of the day I’m sure at this point in the pandemic I would hope that if you were experiencing any symptoms you wouldn’t even be at the park or anywhere else out of common decency.

Will I come back? Yes!

How To Start A Business

1. Reasearch.

Take the time to research everything and I mean everything. From what type of business entity you want to whose your target audience. In other words, know everything you could possible need to know about your niche before starting.

2. Write a business plan.

Knowing what you want is half the battle. Writing down a clear and concise business plan will further more help you better achieve your business goals because it includes methods on how to attain your goals as well as gives you a timeframe. Be as detailed as possible about how you plan on making a profit with your business. It helps keep you on track.

3. Invest in your business.

Whether it’s saving money you make from your 9-5 or taking out a small business loan. It’s easy to start with little or no money but having more money will get things up and running faster.

4. Pick a location or digital platform sell your services or products.

Consider long term and short term advantages of all your options. You want to be prepared and make as little mistakes as possible because in business mistakes can cost you more money then your prepared to spend.

5. Choose a business structure.

The most common forms of business are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, S corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC). When picking which one is right for your business consider the cost, where you live, the possible liability you would have from someone using your product, and what advantages you’d gain from choosing that structure. Just be mindful that you want it to be a good fit and if it no longer is you can make changes when necessary.

6. Choose a business name.

Conduct a trademark search and come up with a catchy name that has meaning. I suggest something easy to spell and easy to remember. Sometimes the perfect name is your name if you want to be the brand. If your a credible person people will associate your name with your product and sales could skyrocket. You just never know. When in doubt test your possible name ideas out with others and get their feedback.

7. Get federal and state tax ID’s

You need to get an EIN number from the IRS in order to pay taxes. The application is easy and short process. It’s also free to do on the IRS website and they issue you a number immediately or you can hire a service and they can do it for you.

8. Get a business bank account.

Select a bank to handle your business account. It’s important to separate personal and business finances. Most businesses start out with business checking accounts. Then, next a savings that yields high interest rates. If you are considering a business credit card shop around and get the best rate. You should always know what your spending your money on, consider rewards, when introductory offers end and be sure your getting the best deal before settling. I’ve heard credit unions are the way to go because they don’t require a large minimum balance.

9. Track your expenses.

Track your expenses, mileage, meetings, food, clothing, and speaking engagements. There are apps that link to your bank account to help with this and even products like Quick Book.

8. Do your taxes with a CPA.

Sometimes you got to know your limits. If your expertise is not taxes don’t use Turbo Tax. Please hire a professional because they can help you maximize the benefits of obtaining an LLC. Let them help you

9. Trademark logos, names and slogans.

Protect your creative properties. Don’t let anyone eat off your back. You worked hard to build your brand and be authentic get your credit so that if any copycats try and take your ideas and use it as there’s you can legally fight back because you have proof that it belongs to you.

Put your best foot forward get all your legal documentation together and start conducting yourself as a business. When in doubt consult a lawyer. I want you all to leverage your business and get rich. I hope that you continue to build wealth because we should normalize women being millionaires. 🙌🏾

Many small businesses are struggling through this pandemic because they don’t have the brand awareness that large companies have. When you support small business your not just supporting a dream but your supporting your community and your boosting the economy, and helping create thousands of more jobs. You don’t necessarily need money to support a small business, even if you can’t afford to shop with them it’s take zero dollars and zero cents to support them like you support the brands of celebrities who don’t even know who you are. The larger companies take a hit in the wallet when their sales go down while all the independent businesses might not be able to make it and have to close their business for good.

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Drop Your Fear. Invest in Yourself.

I see you checking IRS website to see when your stimulus check hits your account. Before you put anything in your Fashion Nova cart invest in yourself. 2020 taught us the world could shut down without a notice and we all be without jobs, so we need to always have more than one form of income. Don’t spend your money on materialistic things that hold no real value. Flip that money sis because sitting on it won’t get you more money and your going to spend it anyways. You might as well go broke investing in yourself with this free money from the government.

If your looking for a sign now is the time to change your money mindset.

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New Year Same Headache

It’s Day 7 of the New Year and the pandemic is still going on. Bummer. I think we all had hope on Jan. 1 that on that day something would magically change but it hasn’t. In fact, for those whose unemployment claims ran out it substantially got worst. Way to bring in the New Years with more uncertainty. It’s doesn’t look like we’re going to see outside or return to any kind of normalcy anytime soon.

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Terrible Two Is Not Made Up. It’s Real.

Asking for myself….

So last week I had a total meltdown. I haven’t had one since my son swung on our 60 inch tv with a bat. You can only imagine the ugly cry I made when it blacked out. I just knew my husband, my then fiancé at time, was going to call off the wedding because I was watching him when it happened. The flat screen is his pride and joy so I expected the worst. Surprisingly, he was cool as a cucumber. He just went out and bought another one and threw out the bat.

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Bosses Who Brunch

Me and YouTuber @adoseofkryssy. Go like, comment and subscribe to her channel.

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful networking event called Bosses Who Brunch. I was able to catch part 2 Plot.Plan. Execute. of this 3 part series. At the event I got to meet some really cool women who are entrepreneurs like myself trying to turn their dreams into reality. I bought my ticket for $25 last minute (2 days before the event) and I’m so glad I just spontaneously made the move to act on it because the energy at the Bosses Who Brunch event hosted by Mariah Darsha was a breath of fresh of air. I was definitely inspired to keep pushing and stick with my online business even amid Covid.

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How To File Your LLC In California By Yourself

So you’ve found your niche and your ready to take your brand or service to the next level. Your ready to start a legitimate business. You’ve done your research and LLC is the way you want to go to protect your business. A limited liability company makes your business a company. It also limits an owner’s personal liability for business debts and lawsuits and offers flexibility when it comes to ownership, management and taxation of the business.

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My “Rachlorette”

Since I like to do ratchet shit with classy people the title rachlorette fits my personality. If you know me you already know. I hardly get out but when I do I cut up! That’s a fact. My motto is work hard, play even harder. So Las Vegas was the ideal backdrop for my rachlorette so I could let loose one more time (because it definitely won’t be the last) before I walk down that aisle. Plus, unlike San Diego it’s more open and they don’t have a 10 pm curfew.

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I’ll Be Back Shortly

Getting married is full of festivities and let me tell you I’ve been heavily indulging in all of it. From having a wild bachelorette party in Las Vegas that I jokingly named my “rachelorette”, to an intimate Bride and Bougie Bridal Shower in my mom’s backyard. I seriously can’t thank my amazing friends for sparing no expense and making sure these moments were absolutely perfect. My I Do Squad definitely out did themselves and I am forever grateful to have them by my side during this stressful but fun time. I look forward to married life and more milestones with the most incredible friends.

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