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The Perfect V-Day Gift Ideas For That Special Someone In Your Life

Cards and candy are a given and are expected on Valentine’s Day. Let’s kick it up a notch this year and buy gifts for Valentines that have sentimental value and will be used all year around (I absolutely love gifts that are not basic and I can use pretty regularly) or do activities with your loved ones that create memories that last a life time.

Valentine’s isn’t just another day. Every year I hear people say it’s just another day because they celebrate Valentines everyday-I call bullshit. In my house it can’t be done. We’re to busy with work, life and everything in between that we have to pencil quality time in. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays we always celebrate to make sure we let our loved ones know they are loved and appreciated, by making the day or weekend of special. That way there’s no doubt the love we have for them.

Of course we date all through the year our kids, ourselves and our significant other because that’s important to keep those bonds strong. Yet on V-day we go the extra mile. If you haven’t put much thought into your plans for tomorrow or this weekend. Here are are super cute ideas to spread the love and keep your love life spicy.


Valentine’s Day outfit –Old Navy has 40% off Valentine’s Day theme shirts for all.

Build A Bear- This is a great idea for younger children or any one that has recently lost a love one because you have the option to customize your bear and even add a voice message to it to cherish for years to come. Also, if you have more then 1 kid they have two furry friends for the price of one right now.


Dessert- Celebrate your love over a Cold Stone delicious ice cream treat. The fudge truffle decadence ice cream cake has layers of red velvet cake (my favorite).


Dinner and a movie

How cool is this bubble hotel located in Valle de Guadalupe?!

Weekend getaway- Whether it’s requires a plane ride or a getaway at near by hotels or even Airbnb, switch up the atmosphere this Valentine’s Day and make love in a new place. Keep it hot, keep it spicy!

Romantic Dinner at home

Designer Du Rag-I know has some pretty dope stuff your the fashionista in your life.

Wear something sexy

Jewelry- There’s still time to get jewelry at Kay’s . Don’t have the money now don’t trip they offer 12 month financing. Plus $25 off purchases of $99 or more when you sign up for their email subscriptions. No excuse propose or get a gift your significant other that they can’t stop gushing over.

Boudoir Calender

Personalized Gift- I’m obsessed with The Brand Ave couple sets. They have the cutest apparel for couples to express and show off how in love they are.

Gift basket of their favorite goodies

Paint and sip- Do something you’ve never done before. Check out Groupon they some really good affordable deals for couples interested in doing paint and sip.

Coupon book

Pay a bill

Matching tattoos



Splurge on an expensive item you’ve been eyeing for a while (Purse, shoes, makeup, cologne)

Go out with friends

Hooters -Shred a picture of your ex and if you order 10 wings Hooter give you an additional 10 free boneless wings.


Disney land is always a great idea. Disneyland on Feb 12 or 13 has a Disney AfterDark: Sweethearts Night where they sell limited release merchandise, have special meet and greets, themed food, exclusive photo ops, a fireworks show, special keepsake for attendees or you and bae can dance the night away to a live band or a DJ. Kids can even go to this event.

Heart shaped pizza –Papa John’s has a really good special and shows how much you really care.

Game night

Go to a restaurant -I’m a sucker for a fancy dinner and Ruth Chris has the best steak or lobster Mac and cheese I’ve ever had. Ruth Chris is my go to special occasion restaurant. They currently have the porterhouse for two starting at $129z

Fun activity-K1 Speed is a fun, unique activity for the whole family.

This Valentine’s Day spend some time with your kids. Love is spelled with time. This goes for your boo too. No matter how long you’ve been together a date with him or her is what every good relationship needs. Don’t forget to WOW them. Remind them why you’d choose them over and over again.

This week if your single, date the number one person in your life YOURSELF. This day is not just for lovers. Do something you love. Take care of you.

If you take advantage of any of my ideas please share how the day turned out. I love hearing all you guys responses.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s!






Before You Have Kids 15 Things You Should Know

To the females that don’t have kids yet. This post is for you. There’s so much to expect when your expecting. There’s so much to learn if your a new mom if you haven’t taken a child development class. People will warn you about all the crying, the sleepless nights and how expensive kids are but in real life the first year is all about survival. You have to be realistic and throw away all your expectations and do what works for your family.

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How To Celebrate A One Year Old’s Birthday?

Many people will tell you that it’s stupid to shell out all this money for a one year olds first birthday party that they won’t even remember and if your like me you won’t listen. Listen, it’s your child and if you want to make a big ordeal about them turning one do it.

Throw the party!

There’s no party like your child’s first birthday party. You can’t get that memory back so pick a venue, pick a date and send out invites right away.

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Women Are Some Kind Of Magic: My Birth Story

I’m a huge birthday person. Like a huge birthday person. I love celebrating my birthday every year. In my head my birthday is a national holiday.

I dread getting older, but I love celebrating my birthday in some kind of grand way. It’s a Leo thing.

Last year, as my birthday was approaching I was getting ready to fuck it up per usual, while being big and of course pregnant. I had my heart set on a glitter theme party and I was going to show up looking like a big, sexy disco ball. It was gonna be a hot glitter mess of a good time.

I decided on a good food spot to eat because what does a pregnant lady absolutely enjoy other than food? Nothing. Then, I was going to make all my beautiful friends wear something shiny and sparkly so I could get a cute maternity photo shoot out of the deal.

I had the perfect dress and the perfect heels for the occasion and they are both still sitting in my closet waiting to be put to use because someone couldn’t wait to meet his mommy.

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What Being A Mom Means To Me

You’ll receive tons of calls and text messages, cards, flowers and even gifts that will warm your heart today. Your loved ones will even go the extra mile to let you know you are appreciated everyday but especially on this day.

I want to take the time to extend my gratitude for not only my mom but for all the moms around the world. Mothers have the hardest job in the world but never clock in, and never get paid. The only reward that we receive is that we get little human best friends to walk beside us for the rest of our journey in life.

God really handpicked the best mom for me.

Now that I’m older I reflect back on my own childhood and I’m amazed how my mother got through motherhood alone as a single parent. She did a good dam job. I know you will read this mom (because you are my biggest cheerleader and are always rooting for me) so I just want to say I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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Happy Momma, Happy Life!

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Mommin’ Aint Easy

My life is cray cray. I don’t know what the hell was I thinking but just when things were starting to make sense I decided to have another baby. My youngest was 10 years old and I was literally 8 years away from freedom and I decided that I wasn’t fulfilled enough and started all over again or at least that’s my version  of the story,  and I’m sticking to it (because in actuality my third pregnancy was not planned).

My other two kids are so independent and mature, and to go from raising your kids up to where you barely have to parent them at all to having a little human being who needs you 24/7 is a serious adjustment. I’d be lying if I said it was the best decision of my life and it didn’t complicate things. The real is, shit just got real but I have no regrets. They say God doesn’t make any mistakes and I feel truly blessed now but my growing little family is by no means easy to balance. I may make being a mom of three look easy but trust me when I tell you mommin’ ain’t easy.

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